A Look Back At Uptown Girls, A Highly Underrated Movie With A Highly Amazing Wardrobe

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Click through to see and shop some of Brittany Murphy's best looks from the 2003 classic (OK, so maybe "classic" is pushing it) Uptown Girls.

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At the start of (and then throughout) every month, Netflix adds a bunch of new titles to its streaming movie library, providing us with even more excuses for avoiding social interaction and shutting ourselves indoors on the weekends. Last Friday, I was delighted to discover that one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasure flicks, Uptown Girls, had popped up as one such new release.

In case you're not familiar with the film, Uptown Girls is a critically acclaimed* 2013 dramedy in which the late Brittany Murphy stars as Molly Gunn, the free-spirited daughter of a deceased rock 'n' roll legend. At the movie's start, Molly's living it up in an unspeakably amazing New York City apartment and has never worked a day in her life—but when her inheritance vanishes into thin air at the hands of her embezzling accountant, she's forced to face reality, pack up her belongings (including her pet pig) and—gasp!—find a job. She signs on as a nanny for eight-year-old Lorraine "Ray" Schleine (Dakota Fanning, in her most adorable and neurotic role to date), a scarily stoic hypochondriac who enjoys ballet, self-deprivation and little else. While struggling to find common ground with her new charge, Molly also falls for British singer/songwriter Neal Fox (Jesse Spencer, who—fun fact—also stars in the Mary-Kate and Ashley classic Winning London), who lands himself a bona fide pop hit with the hilariously titled—and, well, just plain hilarious—"Sheets Of Egyptian Cotton."

To reveal anything more about the plot would spoil the fun—seriously, I teared up during the dance-themed final act when I saw Uptown Girls in theaters—but in honor of the movie's sudden, glorious Netflix-ability, I felt it high time we took a look back at Brittany Murphy's incredible costumes. Throughout the story, we see Molly Gunn in a number of dreamy floral dresses, the coolest pair of patch-adorned overalls (she was so ahead of her time!) and my personal favorite—a kooky appliquéd white Moschino number. Oh, and let's not forget that time she repurposed a lampshade as a hair accessory, years before Kate Middleton donned her first fascinator (Full disclosure: A number of Lucky web team staffers tried to copy this styling move back in the early aughts, all with poor results). Click through to see and shop the best looks from Uptown Girls!

*Just kidding. In fact, Uptown Girls received a dismal 14 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and the Village Voice called it "less Freaky Friday than just plain freaky." Minor details, people.

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