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Just because you don't wear something doesn't mean that other people won't. Click through for 12 places you can resell and swap your old clothes online.
In A Nutshell: Just like a brick-and-mortar resale shop, like Beacon's Closet or Buffalo Exchange, Twice goes through your old clothes, picks pieces to sell and offers you a price in exchange. The big difference: since it's online-only, you won't have to haul shopping bags or wait in line.
Effort Required:
Minimal. After either requesting a bag or shipping your own box (either way the fee is waived), all you need to do is wait for Twice's appraisal. However, should you turn down the offer, it costs $5 to have everything returned.

Your Cut:
Whatever the site suggests—take it or leave it.

Fun Feature:
Items that Twice doesn't choose to sell are donated to charity, so you'll get some extra warm fuzzies for doing something nice.

In A Nutshell: So long as the piece is clean and in good condition, you're allowed to sell any kind of women's clothing on this site—there's no brand or style restrictions.

Effort Required: Next to none. All you need to do is take the initial picture of the item, quote a price and ship it post-transaction (which Tradesy pays for, obviously).

Your Cut: A whopping 91 percent of the price! Woo!

Fun Feature: Tradesy silhouettes every item in Photoshop and puts it on a white background before listing it, thus making whatever you're selling look a whole lot better.


In A Nutshell: It's a spot where users can sell any gently worn or new pieces they love, but no longer wear. Although all items are aggregated in one large feed—easily filtered by designer, price and style—each user has a digital storefront with a list of their posted items.

Effort Required: It depends. While the site's "full service" option takes care of sorting, professionally photographing, posting and mailing out your stuff, it costs a sizable chunk of your commission. To make the most money possible, you need to do the legwork yourself.

Your Cut: 60 percent with help from "full service," 80 if you photograph, list and ship everything on your own.

Fun Feature: Any unworn merchandise goes in a special "new with tags" section.

The RealReal

In A Nutshell: This is where you sell your luxury items—including not only clothing, but art and home goods—when you don't want to deal with the rigamarole of an auction or private sale.

Effort Required: If you've got at least 10 qualifying high-end pieces, not much at all. You just send the items in free of charge (or, in select areas, a "White Glove Service" will pick everything up) and The RealReal authenticates, photographs, lists and stores each one until it sells. Still, while you won't be directly involved in the process, following it online is easy: each item's progress is listed in your profile under "My Sales."

Your Cut: 60 percent of the profits to start, 70 percent if you sell more than $7,500 per year.

Fun Feature: You receive a $100 credit for referring a fellow consigner with more than 10 designer items.

Bib + Tuck

In A Nutshell: The big difference between Bib + Tuck and other clothing sites is that it doesn't involve any real money. Items are sold for "Bucks," which can be applied to ordering other items on the site. So basically…free clothes!

Effort Required: More than you might think. Bib + Tuck has very strict guidelines about the type of pieces you can post (no fast fashion brands, no mall labels, no fakes or counterfeits and nothing with visible signs of wear), and emphasizes the importance of high-quality pictures. You'll find that following the rules is worth the extra time, though, when you cash in on those bucks—without any junky stuff or ugly images cluttering the page, it feels like a pricey indie e-boutique.

Your Cut: No actual money, but the chance to get pieces from high-end labels like Alexander Wang, Loeffler Randell and Louis Vuitton without opening your wallet.

Fun Feature: Upon joining, all users receiver a complementary five "bucks" to get started.


In A Nutshell: Described under the site's "About Us" tab as a "curated shopping community, re{fashion}er's goal is to find all the hidden treasures in the back of your closet a new home. Everything must be vetted before it's posted to a seller's "closet," so shoppers don't have to sift through subpar pieces.

Effort Required: A lot. You must provide a front, back and label image of each item, along with any pertinent detail shots. Additionally, the site asks that you provide a small story on how the piece came into your life, and list its emotional value to you.

Your Cut: 78 percent, which you can either cash out or use to keep shopping on re{fashion}er.

Fun Feature: Scattered throughout the platform are "lagniappes"—aka freebies—that shoppers can tack on to their purchases free of charge. The caveat: you aren't allowed to order a lagniappe without purchasing something from the user who listed it.


In A Nutshell: After downloading the Poshmark app, members can snap pictures of items they'd like to sell with their smartphones and add a filter, description and price before loading it to a main feed. Shoppers can narrow down their selection by following their favorite sellers, and filter options by style, brand or "showrooms," which feature certain labels or designs, like "Coach bags" or "black pumps."

Effort Required: Minimal. Taking and loading the pictures isn't that different from posting to Instagram, and Poshmark provides prepaid shipping materials for all purchases.

Your Cut: 80 percent of the sale price to redeem for either cash or Poshmark spending.

Fun Features: Users can host virtual shopping events with their friends, called "Posh Parties," centered around a specific theme.

Material Wrld

In A Nutshell: Because, c'mon, you know that any money made while consigning goes to more shopping anyways, this site provides the awesomest service: clothes for gift cards! Instead of selling your used items, it appraises everything and offers a voucher to Shopbop, Saks Fifth Avenue or Bloomingdales in exchange.

Effort Required: Only the energy it takes to clean our your closet. Material Wrld will go through any items you submit (heads up: they don't accept fast fashion or mass market brands, such as Zara, Gap and Anthropologie), and email you a gift card quote. Should you accept it, the voucher will arrive in the mail within one to two business days.

Your Cut: A Shopbop, Saks Fifth Avenue or Bloomingdales gift card based on the value your unwanted clothing.

Fun Feature: Before sending anything in, you can check its value on the site's handy "quote look up" widget. It gives a decent idea of how much they'll offer.


In A Nutshell: Using the site's approved brand list as a guide, you send in images and descriptions of your clothing and accessories to the Vaunte team for approval. You'll recieve notice by email when it passes inspection, goes live on the site and sells.

Effort Required: No more than most secondhand e-commerce sites: good camera skills and a few trips to the post office.

Your Cut: 85 percent commission.

Fun Feature: Vaunte likes to highlight its users by including an "about me" questionnaire and photoshoot alongside each lady's closet. Members with especially killer style are often featured in the site's daily newsletter.

Shop Hers

In A Nutshell: Only authentic, designer name womenswear is allowed on this luxury resale platform, but other than that there aren't many rules. You can upload the pieces yourself and set the prices.

Effort Required: Whatever it takes to get a good picture. The setup of the site is very Pinteresty, so the prettier the image, the more interest it'll attract.

Your Cut: 82 percent of the selling price.

Fun Feature: For extra-busy sellers, there's always the "VIP Experience" route, which takes care of the sorting, photographing and pricing for you. The only thing, though, is that it'll cost you 35 percent of the transaction fee (rather than the standard 18 percent).


In A Nutshell: Unlike most similar online consignment shops, Klury doesn't ask you to send in your unwanted items for appraisal; instead, you'll upload a photograph and description of each. Within 24 hours, the site will respond with a quote.

Effort Required: Roughly an afternoon's worth, depending on how many pieces we're talking about.

Your Cut: It's only sent after Klury authenticates everything. So don't try to hide anything in the picture—it won't work!

Fun Feature: Klury professionally cleans every item (even shoes and accessories!) before reselling it.


In A Nutshell: Simply send request a "Clean Out Bag," fill it with unwanted women's, juniors and children's clothing—in good condition!—and send it back free of charge. The Thredup team will review your pieces and quote you a number to exchange for either cash or thredUP credit.

Effort Required: Hardly any! The Clean Out bag comes with a prepaid and addressed shipping label, so you just need to drop it at your nearest FedEx.

Your Cut: This is up to the good folks at thredUP. But if you don't like it, you can ask for everything back!

Fun Features: You can get an idea of how much your pieces are worth with the site's "clothing calculator."