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No, this is not a picture of Michelle Williams' 2011 Oscar dress on some random girl—it's actually a piece from Reformation, a line created entirely from vintage and salvaged fabric. Click through to learn more.

The Brand: Reformation

Good To Know: Shocked by the vast amount of wasted fabric in the fashion world, designer Yael Aflalo started a small, sustainable label  that quickly turned into a big business. Her eco-friendly dedication isn't the only reason for her brand's success, though: the line, which all looks like it came straight from Harley Viera-Newton's closet, is irresistibly cool.

Look For: Perfect-fitting boyfriend jeans, insanely soft sweatshirts and possibly the most flattering sundresses in the world—all made from repurposed secondhand garments and deadstock materials sourced from big fashion houses.

The Brand: Urban Renewal

Good To Know: Along with its primary line, Urban Outfitters carries a selection of repurposed vintage clothing and garments made from deadstock fabric. It's an especially nice alternative to shopping a thrift store because the styles all come in full size runs. (Given the way it's sourced, of course, each piece has slight variations—that's what makes it so special!)

Look For: Crop tops galore and tons of #trending vintage Levi's.

The Brand: The Vintage Twin

Good To Know: Twin sisters (hence the brand's name) Morgan and Samantha Elias decided to turn their hobby of reworking thrift store finds into a business when strangers started inquiring after their outfits. You'll find three types of pieces in their e-commerce shop: un-altered vintage, reworked secondhand items and clothing and accessories made from salvaged materials.

Look For: Long ball gowns hemmed to sundress length, clutches turned into small purses thanks to a handy new chain strap.

The Brand: Some Odd Rubies

Good To Know: Every piece created by the label's designers, childhood friends Summer Phoenix (yes, as in River and Joaquin's sister) and Ruby Canner, is a vintage garment recut to more modern proportions.

Look For: Printed pants, structured halter tops and wispy waist-free dresses.

The Brand: Antiform

Good To Know: Based in England and headed by designer Lizzie Harrison, the brand only uses locally sourced reclaimed fabric. The team is also very passionate about keeping production in-house; most every garment is made right at their Yorkshire studio.

Look For: The sort of slouchy, snuggly things you want to wear on the weekends, like drapey oversized T-shirts and plaid sweatshirts.

The Brand: Rokit

Good To Know: When the crew behind this vintage store comes across a damaged (or, well, just plain ugly!) garment, they never throw it away; instead, it's chopped up and re-crafted into something 100 times better. The Rokit designers create new pieces, too, made from reclaimed fabric.

Look For: Oversized sports team T-shirts cut down to more flattering fits and more cutoffs than you could ever imagine.

The Brand: Motel Vintage

Good To Know: Under the Motel Rocks umbrella, this label recuts previously owned pieces to create a series of basic, versatile styles. Because every item is made from a different garment, though, you don't have to worry if someone buys the same silhouette—yours will still look one-of-a-kind.

Look For: Wardrobe staples, like a leather circle skirt that goes with anything, or the perfect cropped button-down.

The Brand: Geminola

Good To Know: There's a reason why the lacy maxi dresses and sheer tops this label turns out—all made from leftover fabrics found all over the world—might remind you of Jemima Kirke's free-spirited style: the brand is run and designed by the actress' mother, Lorraine.

Look For: Long, flowing gowns that wouldn't look out of place on a gypsy caravan.

The Brand: From Somewhere

Good To Know: This British brand's founders, Orsola Castro and Filippo Ricci, are no strangers to the world of eco-minded clothing; they helped to create both London Fashion Week's showcase of sustainable labels, Estethica, and Reclaim To Wear, a movement dedicated to making new clothes from old fabric. From Somewhere is based on a likeminded ethos: besides exclusively working with surplus material from luxury fashion houses, the company minimizes waste by offering many pieces on a made-to-order basis only.

Best Buys: There are a lot of colorful, slightly cropped tank tops that would work wonderfully with some high-waisted skinny jeans.

The Brand: Denim Refinery
Good To Know: Just as the name suggests, this company's only focus is to take any vintage denim piece—be it a top, jacket, accessory or pair of pants—and refine it with new washes, distressing and embellishments. Customers also have the option of sending in their own outdated jeans for a one-of-kind makeover.

Look For: The site has an excellent selection of distressed Levi's cutoffs right now, just in time for shorts season!