Good As New: 10 Great Places To Shop Repurposed Vintage

The Brand: Reformation

Good To Know: Shocked by the vast amount of wasted fabric in the fashion world, designer Yael Aflalo started a small, sustainable label  that quickly turned into a big business. Her eco-friendly dedication isn't the only reason for her brand's success, though: the line, which all looks like it came straight from Harley Viera-Newton's closet, is irresistibly cool.

Look For: Perfect-fitting boyfriend jeans, insanely soft sweatshirts and possibly the most flattering sundresses in the world—all made from repurposed secondhand garments and deadstock materials sourced from big fashion houses.

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Because hemp fiber and vegetable dyes aren't the only roads to supporting sustainable fashion, we've gathered 10 clothing lines in the slideshow above made from repurposed vintage clothing and surplus factory fabric. We promise each one will give you the same warm fuzzies that come from shopping granola-head fare—minus the part where you only wear it to yoga class. Get clicking to reduce your carbon footprint in the coolest way possible. (And if vintage isn't your thing, not to worry: here are 11 other great ways to look good without harming the earth.)

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