50 Dream Prom Dresses Guaranteed To Make You Feel Like A Princess

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In a girl's life, there are a select few occasions when it's considered completely appropriate to go all out with a truly spectacular dress. Her wedding day comes to mind, of course, and maybe her Sweet 16. Prom night, however, is certainly at the tip-top of that short list of special events.

There's a lot to consider when choosing a prom dress—mini, midi or maxi? Playful print or monochromatic? Sleeveless or strapless? But one thing's for sure: getting the opportunity to wear any of the exquisite, extravagantly expensive dresses in the gallery above would make any girl's petty prom concerns melt away in an instant. Yep, they're that incredible. Click through above to browse 50 decadently dreamy prom dresses we'd snap up ASAP—you know, if money were no object and we were still in high school.

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