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Let's take a look back at the styles of our favorite grunge, hip hop and rock-'n'-roll musicians of the 1990s. Click through to shop the closets of your favorite '90s music icons!

Since they're the best-selling U.S. rock band of all time, it makes sense that Aerosmith is known as "America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band." Fond of crazy prints and unexpected pairings, the original mixed-prints masters can teach us a lot.

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Rock out to the band's 1973 "Dream On" music video here.

Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth, a noise rock band formed in the early '80s, had its fashion forerunner in Kim Gordon. An icon of the New York underground punk scene, she was one talented woman. Not only was she the bass guitarist and vocalist for the band, but she also worked on a fashion line in 1993 called X-Girl. And does anyone remember when she officiated Rufus Humphrey and Lily van der Woodsen's wedding on Gossip Girl? Talk about a Jill of all trades.

Honorable Mention: We can't talk about Kim Gordon without mentioning Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill. That girl had style.

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Watch Sonic Youth's 1990 hit "Kool Thing" here.

Janet Jackson

Long before her infamous Superbowl wardrobe malfunction, Janet Jackson was famous from a young age thanks to her brother's Motown band, The Jackson 5. At the tender age of 16, Janet broke out on her own with her eponymous debut album that topped at #63 on the Billboard Hot 100. Soon, Janet dropped the Jackson-little-sis act and became the sexy style icon she still is today. Thanks to her updated menswear uniform—blazers with shoulder pads, baseball caps—power dressing suddenly became sexy.

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Watch her military-inspired "Rhythm Nation" music video here.

Kurt Cobain, Nirvana

We all know Kurt Cobain was a music legend, but he was also extremely adept at haphazardly throwing together outfits that went against convention—and '90s teens were quick to copy his straight-from-the-thrift-store look. His grungey style is still influencing the fashion world today, with many designers recently sending flannels, thermals and oversized cardigans down the runway.

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Watch Nirvana's ever-popular "Smells Like Teen Spirit" music video here.


This all-female rap group always looked Hot, Cool & Vicious (see what I did there?). But seriously, they took the oversized, sporty, hip hop look to a new level, and their hair alone is worth an honorable mention. Their hit "Push It" is still widely used in popular culture today—remember Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin's dance moves in Something Borrowed? I can't believe they only got second place.

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Watch (and dance along!) to their famous "Push It" music video here.

Mariah Carey

Mariah is the original diva. With her big hair and equally big voice, Carey belted her way into America's hearts. Her impressive five-octave vocal range has impacted popular music since the '90s. A fan of slinky numbers that showed off her fabulous curves, Carey was all about the sexy diva style.

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Watch her hit single "Vision of Love" here and obsess over that curly hair.

Courtney Love, Hole

Courtney Love was a controversial figure in the 1990s music scene, thanks to her tumultuous marriage to Nirvana's Kurt Cobain and notorious substance abuse problems. Her aggressive lyrics filtered into her style; she favored dark red lipstick and slashes of black eyeliner juxtaposed with vintage babydoll dresses.

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Watch Hole's "Celebrity Skin" music video here.

Gwen Stefani, No Doubt

The platinum-haired lead vocalist of the reggae/ska punk band No Doubt was an expert in consistency. Her trademark look included dark red lipstick and dramatic eyes paired with a bare midriff. She also popularized the bindi after wearing it in a number of her music videos and on the red carpet. Plus, she made mini buns cool way before Miley Cyrus gyrated with Robin Thicke.

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Watch No Doubt's 1995 video for "Just a Girl" here.

Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco, folk rock and feminist musician, is the original queen of #normcore. More often than not, DiFranco wore simple tanks, mom jeans and Doc Martens. She perfected the casual, alternative rock look.

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Watch her hit "You Had Time" here.


TLC, comprised of Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, were known for their crazily-costumed music videos and affinity for crop tops. They taught us not to date scrubs and their style really stood out (just watch one of their videos!). In the photo to the left, they're seriously making a case for monochromatic coordinated dressing.

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Watch TLC's "Waterfalls" video here.

Dolores O'Riordan, The Cranberries

The Cranberries, an Irish rock band fronted by vocalist Dolores O'Riordan, released their debut album to wide acclaim in 1990. Known for her ever-changing hair styles, O'Riordan was a punk, alt-rock goddess.

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Watch their hit "Linger" here.


Known as "The Queen of Tejano Music," Selena was an inspiration for future Latin artists. Apart from her music, Selena designed and manufactured a clothing line in 1994 and opened two clothing boutiques, proving her style savvy. Keen on glitter, bustiers and bright colors, she inspired lots of DIY bedazzling.

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Watch Selena's video for "No Me Queda Mas" here.

Alanis Morisette

Every brooding teenage girl (myself included) listened to Alanis Morisette and knew all her lyrics by heart. Her long hair, angry girl attitue and predilection for chokers made her every angst-ridden teen's style icon.

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Watch the "Ironic" video here.


The four (and later five) members of the English rock band Oasis were the definition of British lads. With their regular-dude looks—think polo and striped shirts, bucket hats and aviators—their style was easy to copy. And in the '90s, all of us did!

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Watch their 1995 hit "Wonderwall" here.


Brooklyn-born Aaliyah signed with Jive Records at the astonishingly young age of 12, and a star was instantly born. Preferring to wear baggy, sporty clothes, Aaliyah stayed true to herself when it came to fashion. She also favored sunglasses, baggy jeans and lots of black. Aaliyah's style lives on in today's crop tops and boyfriend jeans.

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Watch Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody?" music video here.

Kris Kross

Teen rap duo Kris Kross, made up of Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly and Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith, rose to fame with their 1992 single "Jump." The two young rappers were known for their unusual fashion statement of wearing their clothes backwards. Try it if you dare!

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Watch the "Jump" video here and prepare to get pumped up.

Shania Twain

Canadian country crooner Shania Twain was every Southern gal's summer mixtape favorite. Her outfits always consisted of country staples: boots, jeans and big belt buckles. But she also took fashion risks, wearing quite a few midriff-baring tops.

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Watch the video for Shania's first big single, "Any Man of Mine," here (two-stepping optional).

Lauryn Hill

While Lauryn Hill's claim to fame may have began with The Fugees, her solo studio album, with its neo soul sound, is our favorite. Her free-spirited and sometime eclectic style made her a legend in the music world.

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Watch the 1998 "Doo Wop (That Thing)" video here.

Shirley Manson, Garbage

With her red hair and dramatic eye shadow, Shirley Manson is quite the memorable '90s music style icon. She perfected the rough-and-tumble rocker look with her punky outfits.

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Watch Garbage's hit video "Only Happy When it Rains" here.

The Spice Girls

Growing up in the '90s, the biggest argument you and your friends likely had was who got to play Posh, Sporty, Scary, Baby and Ginger. (As a blonde, I was always Baby. Win.) Each member of the band had her own distinct look based on her nickname, and the girls were easily recognizable by their signature styles. Whether you were fashion-forward like Posh or preferred track suits to platforms like Sporty, everyone had her favorite girl and her favorite look. They became icons for both British music and girl power.

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Watch their first major hit, "Wannabe," here. You can't help but sing along.

Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple had enviable eyebrows before Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins even made that a thing. Her usual outfits included babydoll dresses and baggy jeans, and she made that rugged, feminine look her style statement. Her fierce attitude and saucer-sized eyes rocked her to style icon status.

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Watch her "Criminal" video here.

Destiny's Child

There is nothing more '90s than Destiny's Child in head-to-toe Tommy Hilfiger. Always in matching outfits (and I mean always) Destiny's Child became synonymous with crazy outfits, usually in metallic shades.

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Watch the "Say My Name" video here (admit it, you still know all the words).

Christina Aguilera

In the early part of her career, Christina Aguilera dressed in plenty of bubblegum pink—a relic of her 1993 stint on The Mickey Mouse Club, perhaps. As much as we love her Xtina days, her early '90s looks are what we remember best.

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Watch Christina Aguilera make quite the big impression in her debut "Genie in a Bottle" music video here.

Britney Spears

Long before she shaved her head, danced with a snake, and made out with Madonna, Britney Spears embraced a schoolgirl style vibe. After her tenure on The Mickey Mouse Club ended, her debut album ...Baby One More Time became the best-selling album ever by a teenage artist. Talk about impressive. Britney always had the best concert costumes, including the little number to the left, featuring a metallic pink bandeau, parachute pants and not one but two high ponies.

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Watch Britney dance through the halls in her "...Baby One More Time" video here.

S Club 7

First dancing their way onto our radar in the TV show S Club 7 in Miami, these seven Brit singers were created to rival The Spice Girls. While that may have been impossible, S Club 7 still became a pop phenomenon. Featuring sporty looks and crop tops, the co-ed group was inspirational in the style department for teen girls and boys alike.

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Watch the video for their debut single (and the show's theme song!) "Bring It All Back" here.