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Brandy Pham had been designing for celebrity collections for years before she decided to follow her bliss and launch her own company in 2011. Everything is made in Manhattan. “She’s a New York designer and she recently went to Paris for the first time, so her collection is beautiful and sophisticated this season,” says Bedat.

Frustrated he couldn't find many American brands he loved, Steven Alan began designing himself and launched his eponymous line in 1999. 

“We really love a lot of Steven Alan pieces. He’s great and one of the more well-known brands we carry," says Bedat. "Part of his production is from the Garment District and that’s particularly cool because our offices are right near there.”

Founded in 2012, Shinola is inspired by the history of manufacturing of Detroit. The brand, known for its cute, retro-styled bikes and watches (among othr wares), aims to creatively redefine everyday objects. Bonus: all materials are sourced domestically.

The West is Dead was founded by Kaelen McCrane and Will Chen, two friends who share a love of denim and American craftsmanship. Now based in Los Angeles, they use natural fabrics and are involved in every step of the production process.

“They put so much focus on tailoring," says Bedat, " because they live in the same place where the manufacturing happens. The back and forth that happens when you’re next to your manufacturer—that can’t happen when you’re half a world away.”

Created by two sisters-in-law, Le Feu de L’eau candles are handmade underwater. Theirs is a very small family business based in Los Angeles, and each and every candle they produce is completely unique.
Found My Animal was formed in 2007 by two women who met while walking their rescue Chihuahuas. The collars are made with New England nautical rope and waxed thread, and the leather is vegetable-tanned in Pennsylvania.
Falconwright is the product of Sandi Falconer and Danielle Wright, who met in Toronto and decided to combine forces to create quirky purses and wallets. Each item takes several hours to produce because it is hand-sewn and printed by the two women.

Alice.D is the creation of a Milan mother and daughter duo, Alice and Donatella. Their goal is to honor the tradition of Italian leather and choose only local and natural materials for the chemical-free production process.

“Alice.D is a brand that we can’t keep in stock enough,” says Bedat. “They are just so passionate, these two, and they have produced this really beautiful bag. It’s the softest leather ever.”