The Baby-Sitters Club: The Original Champions of Normcore?

Kristy Thomas

Though Kristy may not have cared much for style (or so she claimed!), we think she was pretty ahead of her time. The rolled-up mom jeans, the hunter green sweatshirt and the white turtleneck layered underneath—it's something we expect to see pop up on and definitely falls under the sporty normcore category. She was the softball coach of Kristy's Krushers, after all. (Associate club member Shannon Kilbourne's schoolgirl ensemble also deserves an honorable mention.)

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via The Baby-Sitter's Club's official Facebook page

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If you were a child of the '90s, you were probably obsessed with The Baby-Sitters Club. While the series was largely focused on the group's adventures in after-school childcare, any fan of the books knows that style played no small part. Ann M. Martin used the girls' outfits and even hairstyles to distinguish the characters from each other and showcase their different personalities.

With normcore being a major fashion phenomenon, Birkenstocks sold out everywhere and mom jeans running rampant, I found myself looking for a more, well, literal source of style direction. (I can't turn my back on a comfortable pair of Birks. I just can't.) Then, during a passionate discussion amongst Lucky staffers about '90s style icons, it hit me: the girls of The Baby-Sitters Club were the original normcorers. And so here we are. Click through for a breakdown of each member's personal style—and, of course, to shop their looks!

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