35 Perfect Backpacks For Girls On The Go—At Every Price!

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No handbag's better suited to spending all day on the go than the practical—but so cute!—backpack. Click through to shop our 35 favorites at every price now.

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There's no denying the handiness of a backpack. Besides its clown car-like ability to hold an astonishing amount of stuff, the style's double shoulder strap design is so much more comfortable than your standard satchel or tote; there's no adjusting it from side to side because you feel lopsided, or squeezing it close to keep from awkward bumping and brushing. When you're out and about doing things for a full day, there's no better carryall choice.

To wit, because the season is (finally!) ripe for morning walks that turn into brunch with friends that last four hours until you all decide to wander your way to the park, people watch and head to dinner—al fresco, of course—we've gathered the best backpacks out there for every possible budget. Whether you can't spend above double digits or money's no object, our picks have you covered: with 35 styles that range from $34.95 to $6,500, you're sure to find something you love at a doable price. Click through the slideshow above to shop everything now.

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