The 11 Best Movie Shopping Montages Of All Time

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Thoughtful dialogue, gripping plot lines and skilled cinematography are all nice things for a film to have, but they're not the key to making it memorable. Really, the best way to get someone (or at least, the entire Lucky team) to keep coming back to the same movie over and over again is a shopping montage. And not just any old blah-blah, let's-stop-by-the-store-and-pick-up-some-tube-socks montage, either: we're talking a hardcore spree, complete with cute poses in front of the mirror and way more bags than one person can humanly can carry.

We've watched the 11 shopping-centric clips below—ranked in order of complete and utter awesomeness—so many times we could give you a play-by-play description of each one. Instead, though, we're just going to let you watch for yourself because there are just no words for the poetry that is Julia Roberts giving snobby shop girls their comeuppance. Scroll down for a completely wonderful way to spend the next twenty minutes.

11. Au Pair

Although this movie's plot isn't all that different from The Parent Trap—troublesome kids expose their billionaire father's girlfriend for a gold digging diva—it has one major thing LiLo's flick is lacking: mall shopping soundtracked to "Pretty Woman."

10. What Women Want
If there's one thing we learned from this, it's that dads and daughters aren't meant to go prom dress shopping together. It's just unnatural.

9. Enchanted
Every princess deserves a shopping spree! (Especially when it's on Patrick Dempsey's black card.)

8. Confessions of a Shopaholic
This is basically our inner monologue at ever sample sale, ever.

7. Marie Antoinette
Thanks to the magic of Sofia Coppola, we'll forever start humming "I Want Candy" every time someone mentions Marie Antoinette's short-lived reign.

6. Passport to Paris
Fun fact: French stores wouldn't let Americans film inside their stores, which is why everything is brought into the street (so don't try it next time you're in Paris. The shop clerks will probably yell at you!).

5. Crazy, Stupid Love
Two words: Ryan. Gosling.

4. The Sweetest Thing
The shopping montage that satirizes shopping montages. How meta.

3. Devil Wears Prada
Sorry to burst your bubble, but working at a magazine does not mean we get to shop straight out of the fashion closet (trust us, we've tried!).

2. Clueless

Cher takes the concept of "retail therapy" to a whole new level.

1. Pretty Woman
If you don't think this is hands-down, the best shopping montage of all time, then you're makeing big mistake. HUGE mistake.

Image via Clueless' Facebook page

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