11 New Sites You Should Bookmark Right Now

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This amazing look is from one of our favorite new labels, Trademark. Click through to learn more about the line, along with more recently launched sites and brands to have on your radar.

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It's not unusual to feel online shopping is insanely overwhelming. Even the very best search engine won't reflect the full extent of the internet's inventory, so finding something special means digging through pages upon pages of product. To make things easier, you've narrowed your selection down to a some solid multi-branded platforms (Shopbop, Net-a-porter and ASOS haven't let you down yet!) and don't branch out much. Sure, that might mean missing out on some treasures, but you just don't have the energy to track the launch of every niche brand and boutique site.

That's why we've done the work for you. In the slideshow above, you'll find 11 of the most exciting new e-tailers to hit internet land, along with a cheat sheet highlighting exactly what makes each one so great. And don't worry: these aren't meant to replace your old favorites, although some will definitely make the list! Click through to update your bookmarks bar now.

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