Fashion Class: Nine Signature Pieces That Made Our Favorite Brands Big

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While we love seeing fresh new things from our favorite big brands, their very best pieces have been around for years. Click through for nine signature styles we count on each season.

Burberry models in 1970 (Getty Images), Designer Coco Chanel and actress Romy Schneider at Chanel's studio circa 1960 (Gamma-Keystone via Getty), a model in Christian Dior circa 1954 (Bettman/CORBIS)

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It might be hard to imagine, but even the most iconic pieces were shockingly new before reaching a rarefied timeless status. You'll find nine such designs in the slideshow above—all created and cultivated by some of the biggest brands in the world—along with the backstory on each, and the 411 on today's version. And if you feel like dropping some serious cash when you're finished, don't worry: out of all the clothing, handbags and shoes in the world, these are the most legendary, so your investment will truly be worth it. Click through to brush up on your fashion knowledge.

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