Retail Karma: 15 Brands That Reward Recycling

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When it comes to makeup, I am a loyal MAC user…which means I come up with a lot of empties. You know, those finished powder and blush compacts with the sad bits of cream and rosy pink residue on the edges. But if you took a look in my vanity drawer, you’d be surprised to see a veritable stockpile of these unwanted empty containers. One of the best things about MAC? Its reward brand loyalty in every beauty-obsessed girl's favorite way—with free stuff. You read that right: MAC honors its loyal customers (and is just downright eco-friendly) by giving shoppers a free lipstick for every six empty containers turned in.

Let’s face it, the fashion and beauty industries take a pretty big toll on the environment. It can be tough to recycle empty containers, especially since curbside pickups often leave behind cosmetic containers as they can be difficult to recycle. Lucky for us, MAC isn’t the only brand that rewards its customers for recycling. While some recycle programs pay you back in good karma—and seriously, who doesn’t need more good juju?—a fair amount of brands give out freebies for being eco-friendly. In honor of Earth Day, click through the slideshow above to learn about 15 brands that offer recycle rewards!

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