Cameron Diaz: 'Yes, I Have Been With A Lady'

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The gal pal trio in The Other Woman has been hitting the publicity circuit quite hard, leaving a trail of quotable sound bites in their wake. (Including every single line Kate Upton says in the film, like, "You guys, I think I see a dolphin.")

As the press tour continues on along, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday. At one point, the host brought up a headline-making interview with Diaz in Glamour UK's May issue in which Diaz claimed that "all women have been sexually attracted to another woman at one point." Cohen, of course, jumped at the opportunity to ask her if she had "ever swam in the lady pond." Their conversation went as follows:

Diaz: "Interesting! What is the lady pond?"

Cohen: "Have you ever been with a lady?"

Diaz: "Yes, I have been with a lady, yeah."

Cohen: "More than once?"

Diaz: "You didn't ask explicitly how I was with a lady, but I have been with a lady."

The 41-year-old actress has been known to openly discuss sexuality (hers and others') in interviews, including a particularly memorable 2010 interview with Playboy: "Sexuality and love can be different things. I can be attracted to a woman sexually, but it doesn't mean I want to be in love with a woman," Diaz told the magazine. "If I'm going to be with a woman sexually, it doesn't mean I'm a lesbian. We put these restraints and definitions on people, but it's hard to define."

Watch the interview below:

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