Chanel Muse Kristen Stewart On What Makes Karl Lagerfeld So Intimidating

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Click through to see both behind-the-scenes and official shots from Kristen Stewart's Chanel Metiers d'Art Paris-Dallas campaign.
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When Kristen Stewart was named the new face of Chanel's Southwestern-influenced Metiers d'Art Paris-Dallas collection, none of us were particularly surprised. After all, this is the young lady who touts changing into Converse on the red carpet as a primary sartorial skill—and this is the line that promotes a certain tomboyish (actually, make that cowboyish) allure. Perfect, eh?

Last month, several of Stewart's much-anticipated campaign ads leaked despite their May embargo. Here, we saw the pouty 24-year-old covered up in fringe, feathers and cowboy boots with a toothpick dangling out of her down-turned mouth; her commitment to the Karl Lagerfeld-crafted character was, dare we say it, heartwarming.

Our friends at Grazia went behind the scenes with Stewart on her Chanel shoot, during which she discussed her relationship with Lagerfeld, why the collection has wholly inspired her and why she decided to partner with Chanel in the first place. While the exclusive interview is surely worth reading in full (on, her descriptions of her time with Lagerfeld are perhaps the most eye-opening.

"The only intimidating thing about [Karl Lagerfeld] really is that scary unapproachable facade which is something people project onto him, I think," she told Grazia. "Because when you meet him or you have the opportunity to watch him work, or in my case 'work with him,' he is so awesome."

She went on: "He is everything that my experiences taught me about true artists, which is that they do what they do because they love it and they need to do it and they have fun doing it. Therefore, when I get to collaborate with those people, it's nothing but everything that I want."

Click through the gallery above to see behind-the-scenes and official campaign shots.

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