Coachella Fashion: The 18 Best Celebrity Looks Ever

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Senior Digital Editor

Dressing for a music festival can be a tricky business. Sure, there are the elements to consider—the biggest fests in the US typically take place under the scorching sun on supremely dusty, dry fields, where temperatures can drop sharply at night. Showing some (sunscreened!) skin is an obvious must—but then there’s the challenge of how to do that tastefully, and, well, many people seem to give up around that point. And while it’s only natural to want to embrace the spirit of the weekend with a few well-placed feather or floral accessories, it’s a fine line between looking playful and played-out.

With Coachella’s Weekend 1 kickoff just a few days away, I’m looking to the stylish celebs in the slideshow above to deliver my outfit inspiration for those three days in Indio. Each of the stars I selected—some of whom are even featured more than once!—did a bang-up job of dressing for the occasion without going completely overboard, and wound up sporting some extremely memorable looks to California’s most major music festival. Click through above to see their looks and learn why they worked—and to shop them, too!

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