11 Sustainable Brands That Are Changing The Face Of Eco-Friendly Fashion

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Click through to meet (and shop!) 11 sustainable brands that are changing the face of eco-friendly fashion.

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Sustainable clothing and accessory brands haven't always had the most stylish reputation. All too often, the words "eco fashion" conjure images of potato-sack pants, awkwardly embroidered peasant tops and Dad-approved sandals (the latter of which are now chic in their own right—but I digress!).

Thankfully, there are a new crop of earth-friendly labels on the rise that are working hard to redefine what it means to make eco-conscious clothes. Click through the gallery above to meet (and shop!) the next generation of Stella McCartneys and Maiyets—brands we'd happily shop even if they weren't sustainable. (The fact that they are, of course, just makes them all the more awesome.)

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