Ellen DeGeneres Brilliantly Spoofs Target's Photoshop Fail

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Remember that Target.com model who fell victim to a freakish Photoshop fail? She appeared on the site in a swimsuit with overly long arms and a highly unrealistic thigh gap. Target apologized for the image and removed it from their website, but it still raised some serious questions about the ethics of Photoshop.

Now the model, Tanya Marie Keller, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in a hilarious spoof of her long-armed ad. Ellen seemingly has the model on the show to de-bunk the Photoshopping job, but instead Keller emerges from the wings wearing long prosthetic arms–and spends the rest of her time pretending they're real. Hilarity ensues as she (successfully!) drinks water out of a mug and hugs Ellen, all while sporting these ridiculous appendages.

Three cheers for Ellen!

Watch the video below, or click here to view:

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