WATCH: Emma Stone Is Hollywood's Number One Lip Synching Champ

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Every now and then whilst watching The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, I'm struck with an undeniable pang of dejection that Jimmy Fallon will never be my boyfriend, nor my father. His playful demeanor is, of course, an ideal match for late night television—it's impossible not to smile while watching the silly games he plays with his nightly guests.

But, I digress—last night wasn't about Fallon. Instead, the focus was on Emma Stone, who stopped by the show to a) promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and—more importantly—b) whoop Fallon's booty in a reboot of his legendary lip sync battle.

Clad in a black Gucci minidress with a leather collar and cut-out sides, Stone took to the stage to prove her lip synching prowess with lightning fast lyrics. While Fallon's sassy rendition of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" set a definite benchmark, the 25-year-old actress blew it all out of the water by lip synching to DJ Khaled's 2010 ballad "All I Do Is Win." Now, why can't Stone be my best bud again? Le sigh.

Watch the battle for yourself below:

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