15 Insanely Versatile Pieces Lucky Editors Own In Multiples

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Wearing the same thing every day? That's an ironclad excuse to buy it in another color. For 15 pieces our editors have invested in more than once, click through.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2003, via Giovanni Giannoni for WWD

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If there's one thing that the clothes and accessories in the slideshow above—all cornerstones in Lucky staffers' wardrobes—have in common, it's versatility. They're what our editors reach for first in the morning, and the last things they relinquish to the laundry pile or repair shop; each item is something they can always justify buying in multiples. If it's going to get used to death, why not?

Indeed, Tom Ford will collaborate with Walmart and Carrie Bradshaw will swear off Manolo Blahniks before we get sick of buying these pieces over and over again—click through to see why.

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