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There are so many more way to wear a concert T-shirt than with a motorcycle jacket, Converse sneakers and cut-offs. Click through for five great ones.
Option #1: The Friday Night Drinks Look
While a classic concert tee and frayed cut-offs combination could, admittedly, work for certain get togethers, this is just so much better. It's like taking the best parts of Rachel Bilson and Kristen Stewart's styles and putting them together, which says the girl wearing it is most likely funny and cool.
Option #2: The CVS Run Look
The success of this outfit hinges on two key things: 1. Slim and streamlined—not baggy!—sweats that'll read like skinny jeans. 2. A structured moto bomber to make the look feel more polished, less like you forgot to get dressed.
Option #3: The Brunch Until 4 Look
Because you know at least three girls at a restaurant will be wearing a band tee with ripped blue jeans and black bomber, you need to tweak the formula. Try keeping the same silhouettes, but in lighter colors.
Option #4: The Relaxed Office Look
Obviously, this only works for people who aren't bound to a strict suits-only dress code. If you're lucky enough to fall in that category, I'm looking forward to seeing your concert tee office looks on Twitter and Instagram (seriously, tweet them to me!); as for everyone else: there's always Casual Fridays, right?
Option #5: The Dinner Party Look
Whether you're having a meal with friends, family or co-workers, this outfit is fancy enough to work at almost any restaurant or house party, but still feel relaxed and effortless. Style tip: Belting the blazer better defines your waist and enhances curves.