What A Feeling: Four Inspiring Outfits Straight Out Of Flashdance

Take an old grey fleece and cut the neck out yourself, or buy a drapey version like this one from Alternative Apparel so the neckline slips down provocatively. Pair with some fire engine red pumps and little else, and prepare to get Alex Owens-level attention.
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31 years ago this week, America fell in love with a humble Pittsburgh girl who was a sexy welder by day, an exotic/artistic dancer by night—and who secretly dreamt of becoming a ballerina. Directed by Adrian Lyne and starring then-unknown ingenue Jennifer Beals, Flashdance was a huge hit when it came out in 1983, with a soundtrack filled with chart-topping songs and costumes that inspired countless girls to cut the necks out of their sweatshirts.

While some of the movie's costumes—particularly the looks Alex Owens and her fellow dancers wear onstage at the club Mawby's—are pretty out there, the outfits Alex sports off duty are casually, timelessly cool. In the slideshow above, I shopped out some of the key pieces you need to get Alex's sexy '80s look. (And should you be so inspired, Flashdance is available to stream on Netflix, Amazon and BluRay or DVD.)

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