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This image of Jennifer Beals, featured on Flashdance's poster, will forever be associated with the film. Reportedly, the sweatshirt actually belonged to Beals—she had cut out the neck after it shrank in the wash. Click through to shop this look and others from Flashdance!
Take an old grey fleece and cut the neck out yourself, or buy a drapey version like this one from Alternative Apparel so the neckline slips down provocatively. Pair with some fire engine red pumps and little else, and prepare to get Alex Owens-level attention.
After a long day at the steel mill, Alex winds down in her Pittsburgh loft with her dog Grunt while wearing workman's boots, slouchy jeans, a henley and an army jacket. Click through to shop the look.
Update the look with a boxy, lightweight jacket and cuffed boyfriend jeans in a pale wash.
After much hand-wringing and indecision, Alex works up the courage to audition at the snooty ballet academy and blows the selection committee away with her unstudied but flawless dancing style. She dresses the part with traditional legwarmers, but without the standard-issue bun and pink tights. Click through to shop the look.
Throw a skater skirt and moto jacket over your leotard and legwarmers for a look worthy of an off-duty dancer.
After her toe-tapping audition, Alex's boyfriend (and boss at the steel mill) Nick (Michael Nouri) waits outside with long-stemmed red roses and a big bow around her dog's neck. As she leaps into his arms in triumph, the flick's theme song "Flashdance…What A Feeling" swells—and then I rewind the movie and watch it all over again. Click through to shop the look.
A similar look for your own dream-realizing triumphs features a bright red coat and a drawstring bucket bag.