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The Men
Alright, let's start with the men—the unsung fashion heroes of Game of Thrones. We always know the women will look stunning in their gowns, but the boys really know how to pull off fur and leather! Take dear, sweet, well-intentioned Robb Stark, for example. From the battlefield to royal dinners, he always knew how to pull off the dark color palette of the North.
Stark Men
Robb, Brandon and Jon Snow all stand at attention. Flanked in stunning furs—from animals they killed themselves, I'm sure—the brothers look exceptionally Northern in their dark coats with leather vests and pants.
The Night's Watch
The men of The Night's Watch wear black. But that doesn't mean it has to be boring!
Isn't that right, Jon Snow?
The Wildlings
Those Wildlings don't mess around when it comes to fashion—and protection from the cold.
This new clan of Wildlings known as Thenn has given us some seriously creepy vibes. They are INTENSE! Even Tormund Giantsbane looks scared.
Daario Naharis
Daenerys may not be convinced but we think Daario's rugged worn in look is perfect for a seasoned traveler.
Lord Varys
Lord Varys is the keeper of so many secrets; he probably hides them in his robes. We're particularly smitten with this mustard and light blue one.
Citizens of Qarth
The men of Qarth are some of Essos' wealthiest. And they aren't afraid to let you know it.
Bugs have never looked so opulent.
The Thirteen!
King Robert Baratheon
Spoiler alert: King Robert was not long for the series, but he made good use of his wardrobe while alive. This hunter green and brown leather combo is aptly strong, but the true beauty of this outfit lies in the incredible detailing on his vest.
The Lannisters
The sinister family is always plotting their next takeover. But that doesn't mean that they don't make time to look good!
King Joffrey Baratheon
King Joffrey's red and gold outfit totally screams Lannister, but he still accessorizes with the stag sigil of his "father" Robert Baratheon.
We have to give this one to the Lannisters. Their matching lion sleeves are a real power move.
Joffrey clearly takes his styling cues from the Lannister side of his family. Ditching the muted tones and simple styling of his father, King Robert, Joff isn't afraid to show his wealth.
And he's not one to shy away from prints—as long as they're not florals. To say his looks kill would be an understatement.
Joff is not amused by your silly war planning talks.
Ah the Purple Wedding. Joffrey's big day is finally here!
Poor Joffrey. Rest in peace (or not), looks like being the King is deadly work!
Jaime Lannister
The Kingslayer! From the mixed metals to the lions heads adorning his shoulders, his armour is heads and, well, shoulders above the rest.
Handless no more! Our favorite swordsman gets quite the shiny new accessory.
But he still looks far more dashing suited up.
Tyrion Lannister
As far as Lannisters go, Tyrion is clearly our favorite. And his style isn't bad either!
The Women
Quaithe's red wooden mask is a fitting accompaniment to her dire warning for Khaleesi.
Not only does Ygritte get our vote for the best dressed north of The Wall, but she also gets Jon Snow! Layered furs have never looked so good.
Ros may work in Littlefinger's whorehouse, but this gown is worthy of any palace.
A floral shrug! How playfully conservative.
She's fiercly loyal to Tyrion and Sansa, but it's her gorgeous Grecian style that stole our hearts.
Melisandre may be one of the more hateful characters on the show, but you have to hand it to her—she really knows how to work a monochromatic look.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
We especially love this almost '70s-esque honeycomb dress.
The texture on this cloak is what really makes the look. No wonder it's a staple.
But it clearly looks best on horseback.
Lysa Arryn
Lysa may be Catelyn Stark's little sister, but that doesn't mean she isn't crazy. Even that guy next to her see's the crazy eyes!
Crazy or not, her fashion is daring! Especially this embroidered choker.
Talisa Maegyr
We really love Talisa Maegyr and this matching blue dress and cloak, but we're guessing it's maybe the only thing she packed. We wish she'd had the chance to test out some more daring outfits.
Ellaria Sand
She may be the lover of Oberyn Martel, but she has some incredible fashion. We rate her Best Dressed New Character hands down! And Oberyn isn't half bad himself.
Ellaria is not afraid of a plunging neckline.
The Starks
The Stark family awaits the arrival of King Robert Baratheon in very weather-appropriate cloaks. From left to right: Brandon, Arya, Sansa, Robb, Ned, Catelyn and Rickon. Special shoutouts go to Sansa for choosing a warmer, ice blue color and Catelyn Tully for the luxe fur lining and intricate embroidery.
Sandwiched between Littlefinger and Septa Mordane, Sansa and Arya enjoy the joust. Still new to the riches of King's Landing, the two are in more Northern-style gowns—pale, muted colors with simple accents.
Catelyn Tully
The matriarch of the Stark family, Catelyn tends to stick with muted colors, accented with her Tully sigil in embroideries and brooches.
House Tully, represented by gorgeously embroidered fish, on one of the many collars Catelyn is seen wearing throughout the series.
Sansa Stark
This is one of Sansa's first looks upon her arrival in King's Landing. It's also the beginning of a very strong dragonfly motif in her wardrobe.
We simply love the floral collar on Sansa's dress. And she pairs it with a small, delicate dragonfly necklace.
Dragonflies are often used to symbolize the opening of one's eyes.
After learning of her release from marrying Joffrey, Sansa shares a rare smile. We'd love to see her in a brighter dress, but how about that metal belt?
Uh oh—Sansa just realized she's not leaving Kings Landing. At least she still has her trusty dragonfly!
Sansa, Loras is just not that into you.
But she's starting to lighten up in her gown choices...a little!
Sansa's Wedding Dress
While it is safe to say—we hope—that our favorite redhead is safer married to Tyrion, Sansa's wedding dress, with its golden brocade, lengthy train and high collar, truly made her look like a queen.
Even her hair is incredible.
Sansa's mood is still quite bleak as the season opens, but who can blame her? At least she's gifted a pretty new necklace, that may come in handy!
A wedding? Perfect opportunity for a new dress and necklace combo. We approve Sansa—for oh so many reasons!
Cersei Lannister
The queen visits a very distraught Catelyn Tully in this stunning blue and green number. With Catelyn still reeling from Bran's "accidental" fall, the queen offers words of comfort—or as much comfort as Cersei can—wrapped in a green floral embroidered shaw and dark blue gown.
Was anyone else expecting a Lannister-red gown for the announcement of Joffrey as the new King?
It's all in the opulent details: braids, buns and a crown? Also of note: those layered necklaces.
As much as we love her affinity for red, we really wish she'd mix it up more often. For example, this stunning blue dress is one of our all-time favorites from the show.
Yet another example of flawless detailing.
Cersei in pink! This is wonderful! It should happen all the time!
And how cool is the beading on the sleeves?
The extended sleeve detail? Perfection.
Cersei's Lannister Pride
One of the first Lannister gowns we see Cersei wearing is at the tournament. This checkered cloak with red lions simply did not get enough air time.
Remember that one time Cersei smiled?
Again choosing the Lannister red and gold, Cersei looks great. But her gemstone rock really caught our attention.
No lions this time. But Cersei meets with Ned in a flowing monochromatic red gown. And she's totally cool when she utters what may be her most famous line: "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground."
"If I wanted to kill you, do you think I'd let a wooden door stop me?" Oh Cersei, you are so bad! And we love it. Here, she's back in a traditional Lannister gown to meet with Tyrion.
Totally a Lannister dress, this number featured 3D embroidered lions on the sleeves.
Cersei's reaction to Margaery calling her "sister" is priceless.
Upon closer inspection, you really can see the amazing details that go into each and every dress.
Cersei's Armored Dresses
Once the war begins, Cersei takes to wearing dresses with armored details. We first see this chest plate dress when she is gathered with the other women as Stannis attempts—and fails—to takes King's Landing.
"These women are so boring."
"More wine!"
We last see Cersei in this simple, sleeveless dress as she inspects shells.
"Everything has changed!" Except, you know, Cersei's dress.
Mourning the loss of her eldest son, Cersei still looks flawless in court with this black and gold gown.
Margaery Tyrell-Lannister
Margaery is fearless—both with her style and her desire to become queen.
Margaery does whatever she can to keep Renly happy. Whether it's donning the world's deepest v-neck dress or enlisting her brother's, erm, help in the bedroom, she'll try anything.
By far one of the coolest dresses we see her wear, this uniquely cut dress would be so hard to pull off IRL.
Throughout the series she's also seen wearing multiple rose motifs, including this necklace, in honor of House Tyrell.
Ever the game changer, she wears this very revealing frock when Joffrey releases Sansa from her marriage commitment. Way to go, Margaery, you're well on your way to getting everything you ever wanted!
"Sorry, we're not sorry, Sansa!" Margeary and bother Loras throwing our favorite ginger some shade after the announcement.
Dinner with the future in-laws! Margaery's cut-out dress is a bit more flirtatious than what we'd suggest for a meeting with the folks, but totally true to her signature style.
And don't forget the rose!
The huge differences between Margaery's and Sansa's personal styles are clearly seen here. Margaery opts for a more form-fitting dress, while Sansa completely cloaks herself in a dark purple gown.
One of her most eye-catching gowns. This open-back, empire-waisted gown is accented with gold.
Margaery's Wedding Dress
The Purple Wedding came and went and everyone forgot about Margaery's dress!
From the beautifully cut out back with a cascasding ruffled train...
To the rose and vine covered front and that hair—Margaery's dress was perfect.
"We have a new Queen."
Margaery's not sure if she's Queen. And neither are we, but she has the graceful mourning look down pact.
Even at Tyrion's trial she shows no sign of happiness for her escape from Joffrey.
Lady Olenna
Lady Olenna continues to win us over with her quick wit and truth-telling.
And we love that she dresses her age, but with just enough flair!
She's back! And Lady Olenna's mourning look surpasses all else.
Daenerys Targaryen
We first meet Daenerys in an angelic white gown. She and brother Viserys both wear silver pins in the shape of their house sigil, the dragon.
The Dothraki may have some unusual wedding traditions, but that didn't keep Dany from looking ethereal in a pale purple, Grecian-style gown. And check out the dragon accents—from the circle clip at her bust to the two smaller dragons flanking either side of her arms. Three dragons on her dress—do we smell foreshadowing?
How incredible are the braided straps paired with those silver dragons?
Is it just us, or does Dany's necklace totally look like a dragon?
Dany's top looks like it's made of scales. Is this the beginning of her transformation into the Mother of Dragons?
She roams  the desert with her Khalasar and ends up in Qarth at the hand of Xaro Xhoan Daxos—who, in addition to having the coolest name in the whole series, just happens to be the richest man in the city. And, like any good visitor, Dany really dresses up for the occasion.
Distressed over the disappearance of her dragons, Daenerys is still stunning in this weathered pink and tan outfit.
Daenerys' Blue Dress
This ever-evolving ensemble is Dany's most frequently worn throughout season three. If you watch carefully, the detailing on the blue top grows as she expands her army and starts to come into her own as the Mother of Dragons. Dany recycles the look by adding different accessories—mostly horn necklaces.



We love the addition of gold; it isn't too flashy for Daenerys.
A brief departure from her favorite look.
A white Grecian gown makes Dany look angelic—though no less fierce.
But one can only look so innocent with a dragon by her side!
Daenery's blue dress and beat up boots are the perfect accessory to a dragon. Or should it be the other way around?
Combining her blue dress and a white pleated front, this new gown is perfect for ruling multiple kingdoms.
And of course there's this dress! We are almost certain this will be our top pick for the season.