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Mesh and sheer fabrics are a tricky beast. Consider these five styling tips so that you can flawlessly execute your next peekaboo ensemble.
Rule #1: Layer It
Should you choose to opt for a totally sheer blouse or dress, it is of the utmost necessity that you make sure to layer accordingly, whether the occasion calls for a dainty slip dress underneath or something skimpier, like a bandeau bra top. Click through to shop the look.
Rule #2: Take Advantage of Appliqués and Paneling
When it comes to sheer fabrics, a panel of opaque fabric or a strategically placed appliqué is always your best friend. In many such cases, you'll be able to forego the need for those aforementioned multiple layers, which I find can make getting dressed a whole lot easier. Click through to shop the look.
Rule #3: Stick to Conservative Silhouettes
Mesh and organzas are very sexy fabrics, but there is such a thing as being too sexy. In order to ensure that you stay tasteful, opt for crewneck tops or longer hemlines. The glimpses of skin peeking through the delicate fabrics will already make enough of a statement—no need to put yourself on full display! Click through to shop the look.
Rule #4: Keep it Simple
Do not try to pair mesh on mesh on mesh—all you'll get is a big, meshy mess. Stick to a few mesh accents to keep your look sharp. Click through to shop the look.
Rule #5: When In Doubt, Accessorize With Mesh
For those of you who want to try the mesh trend but still have apprehensions, why not experiment with your accessories instead? Opt for a mesh shoe, or a large, sheer tote. This is a simple, noncommittal way to try out the trend that doesn't break the bank or leave too little to the imagination. Click through to shop the look.