15 Most Coachella-y Outfits From Coachella 2014

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Whether it's neon hair or angel wings or more jewelry than clothes, any look goes at Coachella. Click through to see some of the most intense outfits from this year's festival.

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You know that scene in Mean Girls when Lindsay Lohan's character describes Halloween as a free pass for girls to wear lingerie in public without repercussion? Well, some Coachella attendees adhere to a similar mentality. Once the concerts kick off, anything goes: no one will mind if you spend the whole weekend in a string bikini, nor will they judge you for painting your body. Headdresses, neon wigs and see-through skirts start to feel jeans and white T-shirt basic.

So we can't really blame the 14 ladies (and one gent!) above—all decked out in some of the most intense festival regalia from this year's event—for getting wild with their Coachella outfits. We aren't exactly saying you should try these looks, of course, but we totally understand why someone might wear one for three freewheeling days of live music. When life gives you chance to frolic through a field in fur boots, a crochet bikini and flower crown without getting arrested then, well, why not?

Click through the slideshow for 15 over-the-top outfits from the first weekend of Coachella 2014.

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