WATCH: James Franco Directs And Stars In Gucci's New Film, Gives Us Serious James Dean Vibes

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Last week, the interwebs erupted into a kerfuffle when some weird news broke regarding James Franco interacting with a 17-year-old Scottish tourist via Instagram. While many moved quickly to condemn the 35-year-old actor, director, writer and poet for scamming an underage girl, James took the event as an opportunity to deem social media a "tricky" medium and admitted to being embarrassed—using the buzzword twice, actually—on LIVE With Kelly and Michael Friday morning. So, I get it: he might not be everyone's favorite human right now—but he's got a new directorial gig that may (hopefully) convince some of you to join Team Franco.

James has served as a spokesman for Gucci in varying capacities since 2009, first appearing as the face of its Gucci by Gucci men's fragrance. In a fantastically timely fashion, he's directed a new ad for the Italian fashion house's eyewear line, which just launched this morning. Titled "Techno Color Sunglasses," the film features the man himself gallivanting with Italian model Natalia Bonifacci all around Los Angeles, including in the legendary Chateau Marmont hotel pool.

In the series of luxuriously retro shots, James appears more clean-shaven than I've seen him in quite some time. As often noted, the James Dean similarities are overwhelming. And, real talk: we imagine it must be difficult to stay angry with a dude who looks this magnificent in a pair of Gucci's signature aviator shades.

For a star so recognized for his intellectual pursuits and goofy social media presence, it's admittedly difficult at times to take this Renaissance man seriously. I may be one of James' most impassioned fans-slash-readers-slash-admirers, but take it from me: this film is a real a testament to his cinematography prowess.

Anyway, watch it below:

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