Your Complete Guide To Jean Shorts

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Click through for the five major denim shorts styles you should know; plus, how to find your perfect match!

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I have long been fearful of denim shorts. I completely boycotted them for years; at the time, I wasn't exactly sure why I was so afraid of them. As it turns out, I just never really understood shorts. Sure, they aren't really that hard to figure out, but when it comes to styling them and figuring out which ones suit your body type best, they can pose a far bigger challenge than your typical pants and skirts.

After years of fretting over which wash, cut and length to purchase, I finally confronted my fear and purchased a pair. And I am happy to say that while I still prefer jeans and skirts, I'm coming around to "jorts." At the end of the day, it's all about test-driving different pairs and picking which ones make you feel the most comfortable. Click through the slideshow above for the scoop on the five major denim shorts styles you should know, and how to find your perfect match!

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