Jenna Lyons On Why It's 'Easier To Be Who You Are' In New York City

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I have two friends who each own a (now sadly sold out) t-shirt from the H&M men's department that, in my opinion, perfectly encapsulates the whole East Coast versus West Coast cultural binary: its front reads "East Crust" above a slice of pizza, while the back has a taco below the text "West Crust." The interpretation is as delicious as it is clever, reminding us all that we must—absolutely must—choose one side of the country or the other. Don't ask, just choose.

The Hollywood Reporter recently asked J.Crew's head honcho Jenna Lyons to discuss her thoughts on the age-old coastal dichotomy—and as a New York City person myself, I didn't find her answer all that surprising:

"I grew up in California, Los Angeles actually. I did own a wool coat, I did not own a wool sweater until I moved to New York. I think people here love glamour, but they also like individualistic glamour—I think in L.A., there's definitely a little more of a traditional way that people look. I was not blonde, I did not have a bathing suit body and I always felt a little out of place. I think here, it's a little easier to be who you are."

Jenna Lyons without a wool coat is like no Jenna Lyons at all; I think her Big Apple residence suits her just fine.

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