Lena Dunham Looked Like A Glittering Bronze Mermaid In Marc Jacobs Last Night

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Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Lena Dunham's red carpet ensembles are nothing if not consistent: consistently evoking a degree of controversy, that is. The 27-year-old writer/actress/director/etc.'s seafoam-colored Zac Posen gown from the 2013 Emmys immediately comes to mind, a dress that produced such intensely opinionated lovers and haters that there was nary a middle-grounder to be found.

It's been a while since Lena has made an appearance on a red carpet, a streak she broke on Monday at the 2014 Point Honors New York Gala held at the New York Public Library. Here, her sartorial weapon of choice was a bronze sequined gown from Marc Jacobs' Fall 2013 collection.

I'll be honest here: I truly don't mind this look (nor was I as grossly opposed to Lena's Emmys dress as were so many of you), slightly awkward bangs aside. The deep V neckline, in particular, was a touch we seldom see in her red carpet dressing. And according to an Instagram selfie from the evening, she clearly agreed, captioning the shot: "And thank you @marcjacobsintl for giving me boob I could use."

So, what do we think of the look?

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