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"My junior prom dress had been black and matronly —essentially a fancy black turtleneck. So I remember picking this one because it was like a shimmery violet Barbie gown. I had just cut my hair short, so, since going to the salon meant getting an updo, I just did it at home. I remember there was an over-moussing incident that was vaguely traumatic at the time…but it all worked out in the end." -Leigh Belz Ray, deputy editor
"I was just in the early stages of what would end up being a decade-long hippie phase, but I was also a little obsessed with Courtney Love, who had recently shown up at the VMAs in a flawless white silk gown. I remember her saying something about wanting to take a break from grunge and go glam for the night, so I felt like I wanted to do something similar: take a break from patchwork and patchouli and do something sleek and chic for prom night. That said, I changed out of my heels and into my Birkenstocks the moment all our parents stopped taking photos—and wore them all night." -Jayna Maleri, senior fashion writer

"A few months before my senior prom, four other girls from my class and I were asked to model in a prom fashion show at a department store in our local mall. We got to choose the dresses we modeled, but most importantly, we got a discount on whichever one we wanted to wear to prom.

On the day of the fitting, we all scattered across the dress floor like we were on some scavenger hunt, looking for the golden ticket, the perfect dress—naturally, I chose one that was in the contemporary section, not the prom dress section. At the time, the prom looks were so fluffy and princess-y and taffeta-y and so not my thing! The guy running the event wasn't thrilled that I didn't want to model an actual prom dress for a prom dress fashion show, but he gave in after some pleading on my part.

The dress was Laundry by Shelli Segal and to me it looked like the album cover for an '80s new wave band mixed with Betty Rubble. It was total love at first sight and at first try-on. I knew that no one else would wear it, so I wouldn’t have an awkward, who-wore-it-best encounter. To contrast the modern look of the dress, I wanted to go really retro on my beauty look. I bought MAC red lipstick and liquid liner (I thought I was being so fancy!) and went to a salon to get '40s-era waves. It all seemed to turn out okay except for the fact that I put on way too much blush! I look like I’m having a bit of an allergic reaction in this photo!" -Maura Lynch, senior beauty editor

"I don't even know where to start. This would have been somewhere around 2000 or 2001 and my handsome date was (and is!) my best friend, Peter. The dress is by Morgan (also known as Morgan de Toi), which I thought was super-chic mostly just because it's French. You can't quite grasp the full scope of its purple-green taffeta-ness, but trust me when I say it was both super-purple and…super-green.

I got my hair done at the salon, obviously, and asked for 'loose curls,' obviously, and ended up with stiff-with-hairspray ringlets that didn't move all night long, which I suppose is probably exactly what I wanted. If I could do it all over, I'd probably just copy my friend Kate, who I remember wore a black and white, knee-length, A-line strapless silk and chiffon dress inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker. Which is to say: it was the coolest." -Verena Von Pfetten, executive digital editor

"I wore a Vera Wang dress that my sister had found for me on sale at Bloomingdale's.  It was a final sale and I wasn't with her at the time so I'm glad that it fit!" -Noelle Sciacca, associate fashion market editor
"First, the dress. The dress is Sue Wong and my mom and I ordered it from Nordstrom last-minute—so thank goodness it fit! It has so many beads that my dry cleaner still won't touch it, so yes, it has not been cleaned yet (my prom was in 2009).
Second, the beauty look. I had the longest hair for prom (long hair #RIP) and wanted Farrah Fawcett curls. Ironically, while sitting in the chair Googling for a photo of Farrah, we learned that she had just passed away a few hours prior. (Farrah Fawcett #RIP). I like to think that I embodied her look that day. We kept the rest of the beauty look simple—I was tan from many days at the beach prior to prom so that was a plus, so the only thing I really did beauty-wise was a smokey eye. My sister's best friend's sister did my makeup–suburban friendship at its finest.

Third, the night. We had our prom at The Water Club in NYC. It was also the day that Michael Jackson passed (MJ #RIP) so there were a lot of Michael's tunes playing. The next day we had graduation and had to be at the the high school by 9 am. If we weren't there then we weren't allowed to walk at graduation, so there was nothing too crazy that night. " -Stephanie Kornblum, public relations coordinator

"I actually bought my prom dress two full years before my actual prom—my mom and I spotted it while shopping and knew it was completely perfect for my style and personality, so we just stored it in a garment bag. I loved (and still love!) the tea length, all the eyelet detailing and its big satin bow in the back.

This was the longest my hair has ever been, and it's also the longest my hair has ever held a curl. The amount of hairspray in there remains disturbing to me however many years later. I got my hair done at a salon, but my mom did my makeup—which she did for all my fancy occasions. The whole thing felt like a total princess moment." -Maura Brannigan, digital fashion news writer

"I got my dress at Foley + Corinna—which used to be the BEST little shop; it was half vintage, half their own label. They closed but have a website now—and I remember being spurred on to find something because (actress) Gaby Hoffman was also there shopping at the time, and she was so cool and downtown.  I was utterly obsessed with the '80s and wearing loud, clashing colors in high school—and I spotted this red, garish-yet-sophisticated vintage dress and LOVED it. The oversize bow, that it flared out, plus it was strapless—it was like something a tacky princess would wear. It felt like the best costume. I often wore long gloves to fancy things in high school, and I still like the idea.

I got my makeup done at the NARS counter at Bloomingdale's, and I asked for an over-the-top smokey eye…a smokey eye was the height of glamour to me. It still sort of is. My date was one of my best friends, Tim Kirby, and he picked me up in a stretch limo for just the two of us—and we rode, just the two of us, flying around in it, to the Waldorf. It was the silliest, most fun night." -Megan O'Neill, senior associate beauty editor

"My prom dress choice was inspired by Charlize Theron at the Golden Globes in 2004. I remember seeing her in a pale yellow Christian Dior gown on TV and thinking the flutter sleeve detail was so pretty. I immediately knew that was what I wanted for my prom look. Luckily, I found this rosy chiffon number at BCBG with similar sleeves and I immediately purchased it. Finally, this isn't pictured but I paired the dress with a silver feather clutch, which I thought was very fashion-forward at the time.
The beauty look is pale pink and rosy to match the dress. I remember being excited to wear makeup because I was never allowed to before then. I made my first-ever lipstick purchase for prom, too. It was from Clinique.

The hair, on the other hand, is awful. I had tight ringlets for only the bottom half of my hair. I thought it was super-pretty at the time." -Virginia Nam, social media director

"The dress is Nicole Miller. I went with my mother to Holt Renfew, a department store in Toronto, and it was the first one I tried on. I accessorized with some horrible crystal-embellished (super-cheap) shoes and a grey silk purse—both of which I bought a few days before in a crunch.

My friends and I were obviously very into self-tanner at the time—I had gotten a spray tan a few days before. The hair is actually a funny story—I went to get it done, and asked for an updo of some sort. For some reason the hairdresser insisted it be half-up, half-down and I reluctantly went along with it. I NEVER do this, but when I got home after the hairdresser I was so upset with it that I actually CRIED! I think it was just the stress of the night. My mom snapped me out of it, and insisted I borrow her fancy dangly earrings. I wound up forgetting all about the hair and the dress and had a great time." -Hayley Phelan, fashion features editor

"I found a seafoam green Laundry by Shelli Segal dress at Saks for $100 and for some reason thought it would be cool to turn it into a DIY project. I had this nifty rhinestone gluer tool that all my dance friends used on everything, from tees to shoes to tutus, so I hoped it would take my simple dress to the next level. It didn’t, but I tried.

The beauty look is suburban housewife—French mani, fake tan (perhaps my only regret in life), and blonde curls in my naturally pin-straight hair. The curls deflated into dreadlocks by the end of the night but otherwise, it was a great time. My date was the lead of the school musical, football quarterback, and prom king. He asked me via an original rap. What a catch, right!? Real-life Troy Bolton!" -Kristie Dash, assistant to the editor in chief

"My style icon at the time was Audrey Hepburn (like pretty much every high school girl), so I wanted  a retro, tea-length prom dress. I finally settled on this BCBG number, which I wish still fit me!

I was late for pictures because I was attempting to apply false eyelashes for the first time. It did not go well. Ultimately, after a melodramatic cry session (sorry Mom!), I nixed the lashes and kept the rest of the look simple." -Sarah Ferguson, associate beauty producer

"While my senior prom was only in 2009, this is definitely a throwback thanks to the dark hair. I'm naturally blonde (and am blonde now) but there was a moment there in high school when I dyed my hair 'Leighton Meester brunette' from a box in the kitchen sink. My mother was not happy about it. Also, please notice the teased pouf…as a born and bred Dallas girl, height is essential. I did my own makeup, fake eyelashes and all (duh), and added the gold braided headband myself. I guess I thought it added a Grecian touch?" -Madeline Alford, digital editorial assistant