Live From Lucky FABB: Nicole Richie On Bringing The Fanny Pack Back And Collecting Piercings

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House of Harlow 1960 creative director Nicole Richie sat down for her FABB panel this morning wearing florals—a blossom-printed Givenchy blazer, to be precise—a telling choice. Though it might surprise you to hear it, the jewelry-obsessed entrepreneur has a huge soft spot for nature and the outdoors in general. In her down time, she loves gardening and grows over a dozen different fruits, veggies and herbs in her edible garden at home (when asked, she effortlessly rattled off a list of them all). "We're getting chickens next!" she exclaimed. "The hens are coming in a couple of weeks."

Even when flexing her green thumb, however, Nicole never leaves fashion out of the equation—though her gardening accessory of choice wasn't exactly what we would've guessed. "I use a fanny pack," she said. "I have three, and they're so dope. I use them when gardening so I can put my phone in there and listen to my music." (FYI, she owns two vintage Chanel versions. Not too shabby.)

Of course, not every recreational gardener—or fashion mogul, even—sports bold lavender hair. "My daughter picked the color for me! My husband has colored hair all the time, so I guess for her it seems normal. I'm very popular at her school now—kids come up to me and think I'm a character from Frozen." Another striking feature of Nicole's? Her pierced-to-the-hilt ears. "Once I started getting multiple piercings, I just wanted more and more. I get one every year for my birthday. I have what I like to call Arsenio Hall ears—they're very small—so I'm running out of room." (She currently has nine ear piercings in total.)

Nicole describes her personal style as ever-changing, and never likes being locked into one look. "It's really just about playing dress-up," she quipped. "Right now, I like to describe it as Punky Brewster meets Clarissa Explains It All." And she's certainly suffered through some awkward phases on her way to fame; at age 11, she had a full unibrow and begged her mom to let her wax her eyebrows. When she said no, Nicole took a razor and shaved them herself—sans mirror. When her mom panicked, Nicole offered the following excuse: "Mom, I was in the shower and they just—fell off!"

Nowadays, the designer and style star never looks less than impeccable—but though she regularly steps out in straight-off-the-runway looks, she'd ultimately just rather put on a pair of pajamas. "I love to sleep," she said when asked about her favorite "hobbies." "I think of sleeping as a party—I get really excited to sleep."

Post-panel, I caught up with Nicole in Lucky FABB’s green room and asked her to field a few wildcard questions. Read on!

Lucky: You've said before that music inspires your work. What are you listening to right now?

Nicole Richie: I'm listening to a lot of Joe Cocker right now—old school, I know. I like to throw it back in the summer! And I love, LOVE '90s hip-hop.

Who would you want to play you in the movie version of your life?

Hmm…Jack Black.

Solid choice. He'd have to dye his hair purple, of course…

Yeah, of course. Done!

Any guilty pleasures you can share?

I love barbecue chips—I eat them in bed, even. Joel hates it.

What's your coffee order?

I don't drink coffee—but I do drink hot water with lemon and mint.

Whats your favorite party trick or secret skill?

I'm an amazing rapper and a bomb dancer.

What's your favorite rap song to perform?

"Forgot About Dre," by Dr. Dre and Eminem. Classic.

Finally, finish this sentence for me: A girl can never own enough…

Bobby pins!

Watch this space for more updates, live from Lucky FABB!

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