Lupita Nyong'o On Life Post-Oscars: 'It Doesn't Feel Real…It's Still Very Surreal'

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Though the Academy Awards were over a month ago, we've hardly recovered from the season's antics—Jared Leto's ombré and Matthew McConaughey's McConaissance, among them. But the undeniable star of 2014's awards season was Best Supporting Actress winner Lupita Nyong'o, whose eloquence, grace and style charmed the world over.

Now, in an exclusive interview with Women's Wear Daily, the 31-year-old Kenyan-Mexican actress discusses her life post-Oscars win, and forecasted her future career aspirations, too.

"I was dazed and confused and I still am," she cheerily told WWD. "It doesn't feel real. I couldn't believe I was climbing up the very same stairs that Jennifer Lawrence was climbing. It's still very surreal. It's changed a lot—more people know who I am, for example, and I'm sure it's bound to change [other] things."

For one, she's just landed a gig as the next face of Lancôme; her first campaign will be unveiled in September for a yet to be identified product. And presuming the myriad beauty brands that have been knocking down her door since September, why Lancôme? "What appealed to me about Lancôme is that they're not dictating what beauty is," she said. "What they do supports something that already is—and that was appealing to me, too."

Considering she's already a triple threat as an actress, director and producer, it's no surprise that Lupita is also eager to try new things in the future. "I want to have a diverse career," she said. "I'm interested in action and fantasy; I'd love to do animation. That would would be fun. Comedy, believe it or not. Thrillers. That's an actor's dream: To have a diverse career that asks me to go into scary new places within myself. I do well when I step into things I know nothing about. I thrive when I come from a place [like that]."

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