Farewell, Go-Go Boots: Mad Men Hits The Red Carpet For Its Season Seven Premiere

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Jon Hamm's a lucky, lucky man. Click through to see the ladies of Mad Men on the red carpet for the premiere of the show's seventh season.

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At Mad Men's seventh season premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday, the band got back together for a night featuring a full display of anti-'70s garb. We'll admit, it's still slightly jarring to see Christina Hendricks next to Elisabeth Moss not in Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce-appropriate workwear. And now that the forthcoming final season (April 13!) is set to take place in the very groovy year of 1972, we're just enjoying soaking up the modern-day red carpet attire while we still can.

To see Elisabeth Moss pulling off a mean Catwoman, January Jones looking slightly Star Wars-ish and Kiernan Shikpa just, well, being the best, click through above for all the Mad Men season-seven premiere looks. Zou bisou bisou, indeed!

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