WATCH: Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Made A Rare TV Appearance On Ellen

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Once in a blue moon, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen step out of their courtside basketball world to appear on a television interview, which magically occured yesterday with Ellen DeGeneres. While the twins have appeared on Ellen in past for the simple sake of "catching up" (most recently in 2010, according to thorough YouTube-backed research), yesterday's go-round was largely in order to promote their new perfumes.

Sporting four seriously feathered eyebrows, two middle parts and one enormous engagement ring, the 27-year-old duo finished each other's sentences (just like old times!) while describing Elizabeth and James' two new fragrances, Nirvana Black and Nirvana White. After wrapping up those business matters, however, DeGeneres presented Mary-Kate and Ashley with paddles that read Her and Me on either side. She then proceeded to ask fun, one-or-the-other questions, like: Who is the funniest? (Ashley); Who can talk their way out of a parking ticket? (Mary-Kate); Who got kissed first? (unclear).

We'd watch the Olsens promote just about anything (wallpaper sealant, fish food, canola oil...) if that meant we'd get to see them put their twinning superpowers to good use.

Here's the video:

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