15 Outstanding Outfit Ideas, Courtesy Of Street Style All-Star Miranda Kerr

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Click through to see and shop 15 of street style all-star Miranda Kerr's best looks—and to learn why each one stands out.

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When you think about the words "model-off-duty style," what comes to mind first? A leather moto jacket, probably. Second-skin denim, undoubtedly. Finish things off with a super-luxe designer bag (gifted, probably) and slouchy, somewhat sheer tee, and that's the formula. But for supermodel Miranda Kerr, who turns 31 today, plain old model-off-duty dressing never cuts it.

No, you're more likely to spot Kerr stepping out in an artfully complementary mix of prints, an insanely clever layered look or a deceptively simple dress stepped up with a super-sexy shoe. While she favors classic, even conservative items more than most of her fellow catwalkers, Kerr never wears them in quite the way you'd expect—and always with stunning results. Above, check out her 15 most memorable street style looks of all time—yes, narrowing it down to just 15 was as tough as it sounds—and learn just what makes them so darn good.

(As a sidenote, can we discuss the fact that each of the photos above is a candid shot and not ripped from a magazine shoot or ad campaign? Why does this woman look so flawless at all hours? Does she not have any bad angles? Is she an alien?!)

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