Beyond-Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts For Every Kind Of Mom

For the mom who wears lipstick and pearls to the grocery store, buy:

a sophisticated little pouch.

Provides easy access to her favorite tube of Coco Rouge, a mini mirror and face blotters (because rifling through one's purse is so unladylike!).

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Associate Digital Editor

The most important tip to remember while buying something for Mother's Day is that you're shopping for your mom—not the stereotypical, all-American, June Cleaver Mom spattered across jewelry, cookware and beauty advertisements this time of year. She doesn't exist. There is no one perfect present pick, because—not to get all corny on you—no two mothers are alike.

That's why, instead of telling you about the same generic, obvious M-Day gifts you hear about every single year, I've included options for moms of all varieties in the slideshow above—including the ones that don't like makeup, baking or luxury goods (although, don't worry, there's plenty of stuff for those types of ladies, too). Click through to start fulfill your daughterly duties now.

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