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Since finding the best Mother's Day gift is all about knowing what makes your madre tick, I've gathered the best present picks for 11 types of moms. Click through to shop my ideas now.
For the mom who wears lipstick and pearls to the grocery store, buy:
a sophisticated little pouch.
Provides easy access to her favorite tube of Coco Rouge, a mini mirror and face blotters (because rifling through one's purse is so unladylike!).
For the mom who's sent, like, two total emails in her entire life, buy:
an elegant set of stationery.
Expect to see it again in one week, when she uses it to hand-write you a thank-you note.
For the executive mom with a big corner office, and no time to decorate it, buy:
the coolest phone dock ever.
For nights when she's stuck at her desk past dinnertime, having personalized touches around make things a million times more comfortable (so feel free to throw in a framed photo, too!).
For the mom that throws surprise birthday parties for her pets, buy:
the animal kingdom equivalent of gilded baby booties.
It will remind her of her two favorite things in the world: Mr. Snuggle Paws and you.
For the mom who could give Martha Stewart a run for her money, buy:
artisanal kitchen projects.
Seeing as she preserves strawberries, pickles cucumbers and hand-rolls gnocchi better than most Food Network stars, infusing oil with fresh herbs should be NBD, right?
For the mom that's on a first-name basis with every beauty counter girl at Saks, buy:
luxury eye cream.
Chanel and La Mer are good places to start, but if you're looking for a great recommendation, both our EIC Eva Chen and her mom love this La Prairie serum. No judgements if you wind up "borrowing" it for yourself!
For the mom who spends every spare second curled up with a book, buy:
a giant candle that smells like utter relaxation.
She's got the material covered (last time you visited, her "to-read" stack was 10 novels deep), so help with the ambiance.
For the mom that makes everyone sweaters, scarves and mittens for Christmas, buy:
enough buttery soft cashmere yarn to make herself something special.
Or you...if she wants...just sayin'.
For the fitness-minded mom, who bikes everywhere on the weekend, buy:
a pretty seat cover.
Because she's way too hardcore to put a basket on her handlebars.
For the mom that pawns fresh-grown veggies off on all her visitors, buy:
a roomy produce basket.
For extra favorite-daughter points, fill it with seed packs, shears, shovels and colorful gardening gloves.