Non-Traditional Graduation Dresses You're Guaranteed To Wear More Than Once

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Some schools are so oddly specific in what you are required to wear for your graduation ceremony—all-white from head to toe is a common rule—because it makes such a huge difference when all anyone is going to see is the oversized gown on top, right? In such cases, there is little you can do other than play with textures and pray that in the sea of graduates, there are no more than one or two other students who happen to share your taste in white dresses.

Furthermore, getting dressed to the nines, as fun as it may be, is yet another expense, and what good is dropping all that cash for something you are going to wear only once? But for the lucky ones, graduation serves not only as another great excuse for getting primped, but as a chance to shop for a brand spankin' new dress—and one that can be used for many occasions to come.

Branch out from convention and celebrate your success in style with one of these festive, colorful dresses, all handpicked by yours truly to ensure that you have a fashionable send-off into the adult world. (Which, by the way, is not that scary—I promise!)

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