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Celebrate your success in style! Click through to see some of this spring's best dresses for graduation.
The simple cut of this sheath dress says "appropriate for family/professional atmospheres," but the unique sleeve details and print will keep your style identity intact.
Lace is the go-to when you want to look delicate and ladylike; the off-the-shoulder sleeves only further complements this notion, reminding all of your classmates what a sweet person you truly are!
Do you find that your style skews tomboyish? I can only imagine how you must shudder at the thought of getting primped for graduation! Luckily, this loose, comfortable silhouette will reflect your casual roots while still pleasing your family.
Remind your classmates just how cool you are as you strut down the stage for your diploma.
Perfect if you are all about no-frills femininity.
Florals may not be the most original thing for spring, but they're always fun to wear and are a surefire way to look appropriate for most occasions.
Take a very simple, academic-appropriate silhouette and give it some flair with a cutout and dash of color in the back.
Pairs well with a tray of freshly baked cupcakes and a cinnamon chai latte.
Throw a blazer over this and be a showstopper at your next job interview.
I'm obsessed with this dress for many reasons, but mainly because it is neoprene...does that mean I can wear it in the water?
Cute, comfortable and friendly on the wallet. How could you possibly go wrong with this one?
Maybe your commencement ceremony is in the evening. If that's the case, this dress will take you seamlessly from graduation to dinner with your parents to the afterparties with your friends.
It's amazing how such simple detailing, like white piping, can elevate a garment so dramatically. You will surely be the most stylish student at your graduation in this number.
Okay, so it's not quite a dress, but jumpsuits are making a huge comeback—and they certainly look as polished as any of the dresses your peers will be wearing.
Your classmates will still be talking about how amazing you looked at your five-year reunion (and the 10-year, and forever thereafter).
So maybe you like to stick to tradition, or maybe your school enforces the white dress policy. Whatever the case, a white jumpsuit has tons of personality to set you apart from everyone else in the crowd.
The neckline and tie at the waist are super-flattering for all body types, just like your graduation robe!
I don't think I can possibly emphasize this enough: All women should have at least one wrap dress in their arsenal.
Is it just me, or can you imagine wearing this for your graduation and then promptly driving off to a beachside picnic afterwards?
If, like me, you plan on stuffing your face silly with delicious food after your graduation ceremony, a ponte fit-and-flare dress will be your best friend. No one will ever suspect that you are hiding a food baby!
While this white jumpsuit is still dressy and feminine, the eyelet fabric gives off the same laid-back and unpretentious vibe that you'd find at your local farmer's market.
This dress is precisely what I want to wear for any and every summer wedding/bar mitzvah/cocktail party this season.
The plunging neckline is a little bit sexy, but the playful flare of the skirt keeps this dress academic-appropriate.
I'll say it again: You will wear your wrap dress time and time again. Such a solid investment!
Sleek and edgy, just like you!