Campaigning For A Comeback: 14 Outdated Trends Our Editors Sorely Miss

"Fanny packs. They were never really a mainstream trend, and always something slightly dorky—but I wish we could all just decide that fanny packs are really, really cool because they are really, really useful!! Donna Karan makes a great one and I know she feels the same." - Alexis Bryan Morgan, executive fashion director

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There comes a defining moment in every trend's life when it will either graduate to iconic, classic status (yes, even trench coats and ballet flats were new and novel once) or fade away into obscurity until it feels fresh again. The 15 outdated styles above definitely fall in the latter category, although if our editors have anything to do with it, that won't last for long. They're rallying hard for each one to swing back into style—even if it means doing their own thing for awhile. We think fashion's most fun when a little risk's involved, don't you? Click through the slideshow above to be trendsetters with us!

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