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We've been scanning the horizon for the following 15 past-era trends for a while now. Click through to see what's poised for a comeback.
"Fanny packs. They were never really a mainstream trend, and always something slightly dorky—but I wish we could all just decide that fanny packs are really, really cool because they are really, really useful!! Donna Karan makes a great one and I know she feels the same." - Alexis Bryan Morgan, executive fashion director
"This is kind of back in, what with the advent of Dry Bar and Blow, et al, but I really love the idea of getting your hair set and styled once (or twice, or however many times) a week and then sleeping with it carefully pinned up in a head scarf just like my grandmother. I got my hair done before a party a couple years ago, and I swear it was the most civilized, luxurious experience I've ever had. I'm generally a very informally dressed person, and I just really like the idea of being forced to hold myself to a more glamorous standard." - Verena von Pfetten, executive digital editor
"Uggs!!! I love my Uggs." - Laurel Pantin, market editor
"Pretty much every bygone trend worth remembering—and a few I'd rather forget—is present in Clueless, one of my top five favorite movies ever. I particularly miss the days of cute matching skirt suits—remember all of Cher and Dionne's plaid blazer and pleated kilt combos? So, so good—and sorely underrepresented in today's stores. Also, whatever happened to fluffy marabou trim? Circling sleeve cuffs, on mini backpacks, topping pens—little tufts of feathers are instantly smile-inducing, even if they do tend to shed all over the place. Worth the cost of that necessary lint roller, at least in my book. Also, on a completely non-style-related note, I'm really gunning for the Tamagotchi to make a comeback, too. Digital pets are my jam." - Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
"I secretly wear trucker hats in my house when I'm cooking or cleaning or watching TV or lazing around—and when I go to the laundromat. I will forever love them! They're so fun and hipster-y and look so good with a bikini or with tiny frayed cutoffs. I miss seeing Ashton Kutcher wear them when he was on Punk'd." - Megan O'Neill, senior associate beauty editor
"I want another chance to use my plastic shirt ties from the '80s! They should come back in a more refined adult version, though. Dannijo or another fun jewelry line should make them—you heard it here first!" - Noelle Sciacca, senior associate fashion market editor
"I'm pretty bummed that the mini moment big, clodhopper clogs had a few years ago didn't last longer. Yes, I know that mules are similar, and HUGE right now, but I just looove the way chunky platforms make legs seem exaggeratedly long and lean—heck, I even enjoy the horsey clippity-clop noise that they make when you walk! It makes for very dramatic entrances and exits." - Alison Syrett Cleary, associate digital editor
"J. Crew roll neck sweaters! I love them, I miss them, I've emailed the company about them. So far they haven't responded, but I feel like I can't possibly be alone—those sweaters are tomboy perfection!" - Jayna Maleri, senior fashion writer
"Mood rings! The prettiest and most colorful of decoder rings…." - Elizabeth Burns, fashion assistant
"Sorry, I'm not sorry, but mom jeans…wait! Don't go. I swear they can be enviably chic. It's all about finding the perfect fitting ones and then elevating them with an amazing pump and a  sweet little crop top. The key to pulling off mom jeans is to keep the waistband (and, with it, your non-mom figure) visible. Zara makes a great starter pair!" - Whitney Feldmann, fashion market assistant
"Gauzy, silky, cotton-y resortwear in the form of brightly-colored caftans perfect for poolside breakfasts complete with champagne—or more specifically, prosecco. Enough with all the jean shorts and tanks and the worst offender of all: rubber flip-flops. Warm-weather comfort doesn't have to look like you were dressed by a five-year-old boy. If you see someone wandering the streets of Brooklyn this August in a neon purple and lime green muumuu, feel free to say hi!" - Verena von Pfetten, executive digital editor
"Though this is totally impractical and not realistic for the way we live our busy lives today, I often find myself longing for more formality of dress. For this, I mostly blame Downton Abbey. But wouldn't it be nice to change before dinner (and sit around a large table with polished silver and elegant candles?) Putting the corsets and tiny buttons aside, on a certain level, strict dress codes make putting an outfit together that much easier, since social graces let you know exactly what to wear to the flower show." - Elizabeth Burns, fashion assistant
"As a now somewhat legitimate adult, I often reflect on the ease of '90s children's shoes. The velcro, the light-up bottoms, the jellies, the all-over pastels—up until I started sticking to my trusty Converse low-tops, my shoes were like something out of a Back to the Future costume. Not only were they clearly easier to wear for hours at a time (unlike certain heel-pinching flats and heels of today), but they just looked super-cool and, you guessed it, normcore-y." - Maura Brannigan, digital fashion writer
"I think Coogi sweaters can definitely make a comeback. The crazy prints and textures remind me of Missoni, and I secretly want to pull my dad and brothers' old Coogi sweaters out of storage and rock them this winter." - Amaris Jones, contributing fashion assistant
"Pomander necklaces were trending for a long time. Worn from the Middle Ages through the 1700s (and famously by Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby) the purpose of the pretty accessory was to ward off bad smells or infection—and while hygiene has universally improved, these would still really come in handy on a smelly subway car."  - Elizabeth Burns, fashion assistant