11 Personal Shopping Services To Take Advantage Of Right Now (Bonus: They're All Free!)

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Because sometimes you're too busy for a full day of browsing, we've found 11 free (or close to it) personal shopping services to speed up the process. Click through for VIP service now!

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Serious, wardrobe-changing shopping is hard. It's less trying on pastel pink heels and twirling around the shoe department, and more standing half naked in a dimly lit dressing room with 20 near-identical pairs of jeans at your feet, not one of them the right fit. It requires hours of exhaustive research and comparison, hopefully ordering things and sending them right back. It might lead you to call 15 department stores in a row looking for one specific style, or give up your lunch hour to make a return. Finding the perfect pieces don't just take a great deal of effort—time needs to be dedicated, too.

As for whose time, exactly, that's up to you: as you'll see from the 11 personal shopping services we've listed in the slideshow above—all available online, and some in-store—plenty of professionals are willing to do the legwork for free. From an app that tracks down specific styles from your favorite boutiques to a site dedicated to finding your best fitting bra, our picks will make every possible shopping concern a gajillion times easier to deal with. Shopping's supposed to fun! Click through to make sure it always is.

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