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Click through to shop 11 surprisingly cool paper presents, all ideal picks for a first anniversary!
Paper Jewelry
So cool, right? From bangles incorporating tight stacks of paper disks to pieces with paper chains or beads, there are tons of colorful, creative options on the market. For a more minimalist vibe, try a paper plane pendant instead (Note: This one makes an equally great gift for fans of One Direction's Harry Styles).
A Fun Notebook
Smythson's tiny, colorful diaries are a favorite amongst the fashion set—and are sure to delight any giftee. Pick one with an appropriately sentimental saying, and you're golden.
Paper Furniture
It's not for the tight-of-budget, but if you're looking for some showstopping minimalist pieces for your new home together, consider one of these bright white beauties—they've got Karl Lagerfeld's stamp of approval!
Paper Lamp
Not into the idea of dropping thousands of dollars on the aforementioned furniture? Try a less-pricey (but just as pretty) paper lamp instead!
Paper Bag
A handbag or wallet that's either made from actual paper or mimics the material's look makes for a playful present she'll actually use.
Fact: You can never own enough correspondence cards, especially when they're as adorable as these ones.
Coffee Table Book
A beautiful book about something she loves—be it jewelry, exotic vacations or, uh, cats—will always be a solid win.
Papier-Mâché Décor
These recycled-paper reindeer heads add a clean yet rustic touch to any home—and they're far more animal-friendly than the real thing!
Presto, a built-in date night that you can enjoy, too!
In our digital age, traditional scrapbooks and photo albums can sometimes feel a bit dated. Why not pick up a few Instabooks—square-format accordion albums perfect for displaying your smartphone snaps—instead?
Newsprint Accessories
Perfect for pairing with her Breathless-inspired New York Herald Tribune tee, of course.