Five Perfect Outfits For Any and All Spring Special Occasions

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Do you have a dinner this weekend and zero idea what to wear? Click through for five inspiring ideas.

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Even if spring weather didn't constantly bounce between Jumanji-worthy monsoons, tank top conditions and almost-freezing temperatures all in the course of one day, it would still be a complicated time to get dressed. Besides worrying about outfits for the season's inevitable barrage of baby and bridal showers, there's all these halfway formal holidays like Easter and Passover to consider: occasions that call for something nice, but not black tie—or even cocktail party—nice. What you really need is something just a little more polished than what you'd normally wear.

If your social calender this season has you completely stumped, check the slideshow above before defaulting that same LBD you've already worn to three get-togethers this month. In it, I've included five easy out-of-the box wardrobe options that'll work for any number of special occasions—click through to find on that suits your style now.

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