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Do you have a dinner this weekend and zero idea what to wear? Click through for five inspiring ideas.
Whereas a blouse and trousers outfit might feel too stuffy in black and white, mint, navy and silver make for a more festive color scheme. You aren't, after all, heading to work (although if you switch out the bag for something more subdued, this would be office appropriate)!
The secret to wearing a big slouchy T-shirt without seeming sloppy: pair it with a flippy mini skirt and candy colored accessories.
Because anything black, furry or metallic will take this gold lamé dress straight to club kid territory, matte brown pumps and a wooden clutch are better for non-DJed parties.
Yes, you can wear jeans to a special event—even distressed ones! Just be sure to dress your pair up with ladylike shoes (I'd strongly suggest the midi heel) and a polished top.
Although this ensemble looks like a perfectly planned skirt and sweater combination, it'll feel like you're hanging out in pajamas. A good choice if your heading somewhere with lots of delicious food!