The Seven Style and Beauty Secrets We Learned Last Week


Paola Kudacki

1. Olivia Wilde tells us that it's "part of [her] nature to be a little messy." We didn't think it was possible to love her any more, but...

2. Since the weather can't seem to make up its mind, we found transitional shoes perfect for this fickle spring season.

3. Don't wait until the day of to test-drive your prom makeup.

4. After clicking through these under-$100 dresses, you'll consider it a blessing that you have to wear white on graduation day!

5. Miranda Kerr let us touch her hair and it's just as soft as you imagined.

6. At Lucky HQ, we look back on prom style with fondness. At least, most of us do...

7. The best part of any movie? A hardcore shopping spree, complete with in-front-of-the-mirror twirling and too many shopping bags!

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