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A little more special than your basic chambray top, the light blue button-front is the perfect spring shirt. Click through for seven ways to style it.

The Look: Downtown Lady

Try It If: You love looking feminine and polished, but not in a tightly buttoned, "I've got bridge club at three" kind of way. Carolina Issa is your style hero.

Style Trick: There are actually two ways to make the button-front blouse work here: under the sheath or tossed over it, with the shirt rolled up and knotted.

The Look: Adult Camper

Try It If: You're looking for something more polished—but not too polished—to wear this summer besides your favorite Converse sneakers, T-shirts and cutoffs.

Style Trick: Until it's warm enough to wear shorts, this look works with full-length (white, blue or black) overalls as well.

The Look: Paging Blair Waldorf

Try It If: Seven years ago you'd be dying to pair this with a black, bow-embellished headband and red tights.

Style Trick: The brogues are so cute with thin ankle socks!

The Look: Urban Islander

Try It If: You want to try the Bermuda short and ugly shoe trends without looking like a fashion victim.

Style Trick: Proportions, proportions, proportions are the secret to pulling this off. Anyone who's not a six-foot-tall model needs to hem the shorts to just above their knees and tuck the shirt in!

The Look: Almost Preppy

Try It If: You'd rather wear your favorite cable knit sweater with a metal bib necklace than pearls.

Style Trick: Roll the pant cuffs high enough to show off some ankle.

The Look: Vacationing in Venice

Try It If: Every time you have a bad day, you hide under the covers and binge-watch old Audrey Hepburn movies.

Style Trick: If you prefer shoes with a little bit of a lift, swap the flats for mid heels (but no stilettos—this look should be effortless, which teetering around is not.).

The Look: Gallerina Going Out

Try It If: You'd rather give up shopping for a month than wear a bandage dress and nude platform pumps to a party.

Style Trick: Beauty-wise, no-makeup makeup and a bold lip (orange, crimson and dark purple work equally well) is your best bet here.