25 Under-$100 Spring Buys That Look Downright Designer

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Is there anything better than having somebody compliment an item of clothing you paid next to nothing for? You get to reply with "Oh, this old thing? It's Zara!" or "I was just digging around at H&M this weekend, and this turned up!" Think about it: while stomping around in this season's must-have Prada heels or slinging a thousands-of-dollars Chanel bag over your shoulder virtually guarantees an avalanche of fawning comments from anyone in a several-block radius, a compliment on a deceptively expensive-looking high street piece is as much about the item in question as it is about your bargain-hunting and styling abilities. It's not just that you found an awesome new bomber jacket—it's that you found it at Gap, a place that literally everyone has access to, but you made it stand out. Like I said, there's nothing better.

To that end, I combed a few of Lucky's favorite high street stores in search of some spring wardrobe staples that look way, way more expensive than they actually are. From minimalist crop tops to pretty pencil skirts, every last one of the pieces above costs under $100—and all are guaranteed to garner compliments, so get ready!

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