16 Celebrity Children With Enviably Good Style

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Forget about the red carpet! Lately, the best celebrity fashion has been happening playgrounds, schools and cartoon movie screenings. For 16 famous kids with especially killer style, keep clicking.

FilmMagic (left and center), WireImage (right)

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Celebrity kids are taking over fashion land. They've got wardrobes filled with Celine, Lanvin and Chanel; they're running around the playground in Stella McCartney. Designers are inviting them to shows and sending them custom made pieces. Suddenly it seems our biggest style icons are all under 14 years old.

Take, for instance, the 16 children of famous actors, reality stars and musicians in the slideshow above with much better closets than ours. Although it's pretty much physically impossible for us to wear any of their clothes, we happily would if we could…wouldn't you? Click through and let us know.

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