40 Temporary Ways To Totally Transform Your Rental Apartment!

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Don't let the man cramp your style! Consider these ideas to upgrade your rental space without causing any permanent damage.
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Between unreliable landlords, the ever-looming fear of rent increases, and unexpected roommates (I'm looking at you, roaches and mice!), it's safe to say that living in a rental unit is a bit of a struggle. All of this is only exasperated by the fact that, since your apartment isn't truly even yours, there is very little that you can do in the way of renovations and décor—no paint, no swanky appliance upgrades, no super sweet home theater installations—only a few small holes in the wall here and there, if you're lucky.

Fortunately, with home rentals on the rise, people are definitely becoming more creative with the ways in which they redecorate, all without risk of upsetting the landlord and losing that hefty security deposit. Personally, with my lease renewal on the horizon, I've been inspired to do some redecorating of my own, so I've organized a list of all the ways in which you can temporarily upgrade your rental space—all in the slideshow above.

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