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Don't let the man cramp your style! Consider these ideas to upgrade your rental space without causing any permanent damage.
Separate and Redefine Your Space with Room Dividers
Room dividers can serve a variety of purposes, from divvying up the space in a studio apartment to concealing all of your unattractive storage to being just, well, aesthetically pleasing.
Change Up the Lighting Scheme
Your apartment probably came with overhead lighting installed, but let's not fool ourselves into believing that your landlord had ambiance in mind when installing the cheapest sconces possible in your abode. Make use of floor lamps or other fixtures to create your own dramatic lighting scheme. Plus, a beautiful lamp can often double as art!
Change the Knobs On Your Cabinets
This is probably one of the easiest, most low-maintenance ways to give your own personalized flair to your apartment. Just remember to keep the old knobs around somewhere safe so that you can replace them before you move out again.
Make Use of Temporary Wallpaper
You no longer have to feel constricted by the harsh white of rental space walls. Temporary wallpapers are reasonably priced, easy to install and can be used virtually anywhere, from accent walls to the bathroom to even the ceiling.
Spruce Up Your Space With Wall Decals and Prints
Another easy upgrade is to change up your wall art. Between prints, decals and three-dimensional appliqués, the possibilities are literally endless. Plus, you can get around punching holes in your walls by using Command strips or putty to affix most (if not all) art to your walls.
Exercise Your Green Thumb
Take a page out of Ralph Waldo Emerson's book and enjoy nature's soothing effects. Maybe camping in the wilderness is not quite your thing, or maybe you're stuck living in a concrete jungle. In either case, there are many small space gardening solutions that will surely still provide you with some semblance of tranquility.
Play With Textures
Decorating with textures in the form of plush rugs, embellished pillows or dreamy linens not only adds atmosphere and depth to any room, but is also a surefire way to make your space seem cozy and inviting after a long day of work, or when entertaining guests.
Go For Colorful Furniture
Invest in some unconventionally colored accent furniture to provide a pop of personality in a room that would seem otherwise generic. Or, for those of you who are more adventurous, grab a paint bucket and personalize the furniture that you already have!