From Basic To Bold: The Very Best LBDs For Every Kind Of Style

Because there is an overwhelming variety of LBDs out there to choose from, it's easier to start shopping with a specific style in mind. Click through to find which one suits your taste best.

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LBDs flatter everyone. And, in other news: grass is green, the sky is blue and David Beckham looks awesome without his shirt on. I mean, c'mon—even people who don't care a whit about fashion know that dark colors and short hemlines are a surefire ticket to turning heads! You don't need me to convince you of that.

What's far more helpful are my tips on finding a little black dress that doesn't just make you seem taller, leaner and a smidge more mysterious, but that perfectly fits your personal style too. After all, what's the point of killing it in a Holly Golightly-inspired ensemble if the end goal was to look like you raided Kate Moss' closet? That's why I've compiled a detailed guide in the slideshow above on every kind of LBD out there, and exactly which one will make you feel most like yourself. Because, trust me, if you've got that down, it's impossible not to look good.

Click through to find the little black dress of your dreams now.

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