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Because there is an overwhelming variety of LBDs out there to choose from, it's easier to start shopping with a specific style in mind. Click through to find which one suits your taste best.
The Style: Tomboy Femme
The Go-To LBD: A Collared Cut

For occasions that call for something a bit more ladylike than your favorite boyfriend jeans/blazer outfit, this is a great way to still squeeze in some menswear. If the dress code allows, feel free to pair it with brogues!

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The Style: Woman In Charge
The Go-To LBD: A Sheath
Whether you're looking for respect in the boardroom or a foolproof date look, no shape commands more attention than a slim-fitting sheath. Out of all LBD silhouettes, too, it might be the easiest look to switch up: while it's instantly conservative with a blazer, tall heels and statement jewelry make it seem so, so sexy.
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The Style: All About Comfort
The Go-To LBD: A Shift

If you fist-pumped the air with glee when Marc Jacobs deemed pajama dressing cool, than a waistband-free cut is the right LBD for you. Even the fanciest, sparkliest, most glamorous options will feel like you're walking around in a nightgown.

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The Style: Unapologetically Girly
The Go-To LBD: Fit-and-Flare

No matter how fluffy and full the skirt is, you don't ever have to worry about feeling like a five-year-old playing Pretty, Pretty Princess—the color swings the look straight back to grown-up territory. (Should you have the urge to twirl or curtsy, though, I say go for it!)

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The Style: Risk-Taker
The Go-To LBD: Something With Surprising Details

No classic LBDs for you! Your basic should be anything but: look for options with interesting cutouts, embellishments and hardware.

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